4 ways to celebrate ‘National Anything Covered in Chocolate Day’

November 24, 2012 8:45 pm

For chocoholics, Christmas comes nine days early on the 16th of December, in celebration of ‘National Anything Covered in Chocolate Day’. No, I am not taking the biscuit… the 16th of December marks a day of chocolate consecration where you can indulge your deepest and darkest chocolate fantasies. Here are four ways to celebrate!

1) Paint the walls in chocolate

No need for a golden ticket when you can enjoy the wonder of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory from the comfort of your own home. Don your overalls, swirl a brush into a bucket of rich, glossy chocolate and slap onto your walls. Will add warmth and luxury to any dull space. And oh boy, your room will smell more divine than heaven itself.

2) Bathe in Chocolate

Cleopatra bathed in milk, Elizabeth Bathory bathed in blood… cleanse your body and soul in a fluid that will truly capture the essence of deranged royalty and take a bath in a tub of warm, melted chocolate. Get your maidservant to pour the chocolate over you, like gravy over a turkey, as you bubble and baste under the smooth brown gloop.

3) Cover your pets in chocolate

What could be more utterly adorable than a little bundle of chocolate fluffiness? Smother your kitty in a creamy coat of chocolate and chortle and coo at your creation of absurd cuteness.

4) Try every flavour of KitKat.

Talking of chocolate and cats…. how many flavours of the chocolate bar KitKat can you name? Two, three? Then you may be amazed to learn that in Japan there over eighty different flavours of KitKat. The flavours range from the ‘oh God that’s what I’ve always dreamed of’ Blueberry Cheesecake flavour KitKat to the ‘what the hell were they even thinking’ Mashed Soy Bean flavour. There’s the comforting sounding Baked Potato flavour (I probably would) and the outright bizarre sounding Green Tea with Malt Powder flavour (just no). The chocolate bars are insanely popular among students, as the name KitKat sounds similar to the Japanese phrase Kitto Katsu, meaning ‘you’ll surely win’. Thus, those crunchy biscuit fingers have ensured their place as national good luck charms, handed to students sitting exams. Eat your way to victory my friend!



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