Why The Innovation Of Vaping Is Attractive To Smokers

June 8, 2018 6:22 pm

As more and more smokers are looking for alternatives, many are turning to vaping. Along with the vape, there is only one other industry which is never going to lose its market and customers no matter the change in the economy, and that is the cigar industry. The cigar industry still holds a prominent stand in the market along with sites like Stogie Gear, which has the best cigar products that one would require to enjoy their smoke. While cost and quality of life play a big role, it’s the innovation within the vaping industry that is a big driver for people looking to make a change.

Vaping gives people new and diverse ways to have more control over their experience. They can choose the type of device they’re most comfortable with, find flavors that are more appealing to them, and control the amount of nicotine they are inhaling.

Let’s dive a little deeper and take a look at three of the most innovative things about vaping.

Control Over Nicotine Levels

Knowing how much nicotine you’re getting and being able to find a balance that’s best for you is a huge benefit of vaping. Since you can decide the nic level in your e-juice — 12, 9, 6, 3, 1.5 and 0 milligram options are available — you’re in control. Need more nicotine? You can use a vape mods to vape a higher concentration juice or vape a lower nic level more often. Need less? Lower the nic level or vape a higher nic level less often.

There’s flexibility for you to vape in a way that’s best for your body and your lifestyle. Plenty of people have even scaled down nic levels over a period of time and removed it from their life entirely.

There’s even nic salt e-juices that have higher concentrations of nicotine and more closely simulate the throat and nic hit of a cigarette.

A Mod for Every Taste and Style

Thanks to a tremendous technological variety, vaping allows you to pick the style of device that works best for your lifestyle, knowledge and comfort level.

You can get pre-filled cigalike devices that you can just pick up and start using. You just pick the flavor and nic level you want and away you go. Products like the E1 provide you a quick and inexpensive way to get started vaping, in a fashion that’s familiar in look and function to a traditional cigarette.

There are larger mod and atomizer combinations like the <KIT TO PROMOTE> that produce big clouds and big flavor. Using these setup does require a little bit of knowledge to utilize them effectively and safely, so it’s important to visit a vape shop or find an online community where you can ask questions.

You can also try a discreet pod system like the <POD TO PROMOTE> that is designed for use with nic salts. These low wattage and low resistance devices are lightweight and easy to carry but still deliver flavor and nicotine effectively. Plus you get a throat hit that is more similar to a cigarette, which is important to some people trying to make the transition.

Vaping really does has a device for every user and there’s always new ideas and technology on the way.


If the flavor and taste of tobacco is your thing, vaping can match that flavor. But when you want to get away from tobacco, vaping really shines, thanks to the huge variety of flavored e-juices that are available.

From breakfast cereal to fruit to beverages to desserts, the chances are good there’s a flavor you love available in vape form. Plus, the vapor clouds you exhale smell like the flavors making the space around you a far more pleasant place to be.

Even with all the innovative ideas and products that have so far been created by the vape industry, the push forward won’t stop. New technology arrives every month and who knows how far things will progress in the coming years. So get on board now and get take advantage of all the ways that vaping can help you.

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