Why is cosmetic dentistry on the rise?

November 7, 2018 11:50 am

It’s nigh on impossible to escape the fact that austin cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. You only have to look in the paper, switch on the TV or have a glance at the newsagents’ newest magazines and you’ll be inundated with reality TV stars from the likes of TOWIE and Love Island flashing their Hollywood smiles. It’s thought that the popularity in cosmetic dental practices has risen by 50% in the past five years alone and it is such figures that mean you’re just as likely to see a clinic in Salford offering cosmetic dentistry as you are in Cheshire. If you want to learn more about dental history visit https://civinsmiles.com/history-of-dental-health/. In 2014, Britain’s top 100 dentists recorded a turnover of a staggering £1billion, a 22% rise from 2010, a year that could be considered the real dawn of reality TV.

The most popular treatments in cosmetic dentists are laser whitening, computerised smile analysis and straightening. As well as lusting after a smile seen on the hottest celebrities, the trend is also thought to be shifting towards the US fixation on dental cosmetics as we become just as fixated as our Transatlantic cousins.

If like many, you’re after a Hollywood smile, reputable cosmetic dentistry clinics such as Ten Dental can be the answer to your prayers. The clinic offers a range of treatments from general and cosmetic dentistry to specialist treatments. The most common procedures involve teeth bonding and whitening and prove popular because they can completely transform dull, dark and stained teeth. Tooth bonding is also a hit as it can help restore decaying teeth and, in some cases, even re-shape teeth. Veneers are also hugely popular as they can completely transform your entire look in just one procedure. Porcelain veneers are excellent at covering up the likes of cracked and crooked teeth as well as staining. Achieving your dream smile really doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Boosted Confidence

Also becoming increasingly popular is the likes of white fillings. Patients who have been told they need a filling, or have an amalgam filling, may wish to make it less obvious and using a tooth coloured white filling is the perfect way to do so. Such fillings are made from hard resign and can withstand bite forces whilst maintaining that natural looking appearance.

In a world where platforms such Instagram places such value on pleasing aesthetics, cosmetic dentist in Rivervale services are also in high demand because those seeking treatment are gaining more and more disposable income. Higher end procedures accustomed to such income include laser treatments. More and more clinics are now offering laser treatment to their clients; this is known as laser de-pigmentation for dark gyms as well as bio-laser treatments which also whiten teeth and remove any stains.

Dental implants are another highly sought-after treatment in the world of cosmetic dentistry because of the amazing results. They are becoming an increasingly popular solution for replacing missing teeth, however, patients should be reminded that such implants can take over half a year to complete. Stained teeth from food and the likes of red wine and coffee over the years aren’t the only culprits for making people feel self-conscious about their smile but crooked teeth are also a perpetrator. Thanks to modern dentistry, techniques for fixing crooked teeth no longer involve heavy metal braces but invisible braces and fast braces are now viable options and a life saver for many.

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