Which Career Are You Sitting On?

April 5, 2017 5:26 pm

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There comes a time when you really know that you’ve hit adulthood. There aren’t people around you egging you on towards a career anymore, and there are no advisors on hand to help you pick your options for what qualifications will lead to your dream job. It comes down to you and you only – and the help of various search engines of course. How on earth did we live without the internet?

With that in mind, you could now potentially be sitting on skills that are better used in other jobs than that one that you’re either currently in or aiming for. Yet unless these things are put in front of you and made plan, there’s no way that you’ll go and start to search for them – how would you know what you’re looking for?


There are a lot of people that write blogs nowadays, but few who take it further than that. Sure, there is money to made off of blogging, and there are people out there who are making their full income from writing down their thoughts, wants and hopes for the future with other people reading it on a daily basis. It’s an ideal job, but tough to break into if you want to make it big – you have to have a niche, and you have to be good at it. If you know that you’re a good writer but don’t have particularly interesting things to talk about from your personal life, you could consider copywriting for other companies, or even going freelance. The need for good copy in today’s productive and brand-led society is real, and if you show that you have the skills and quick-wit to make it in this marketing world, you’ll be snapped up before you know it.


There are so many opportunities out there to expand on the knowledge that you already possess and present it to those who want to learn. Teaching jobs are on the rise, and they are in a variety of locations around the world; you don’t have to stick to the country that you’re in to be able to educate somebody. It’s not child-specific, either; people of every age are always willing to learn, and the thought of standing in front of a classroom of children can be the most daunting thing for some, yet easier for others. If you’ve ever had the inclination to pass on what you know, look into the routes to get you on your way to a start in this challenging but fantastic career.


So many people have had a play around with coding and designing, but never taken it further than that. The internet isn’t going away anytime soon, and there will always be an abundance of people who need talented coders, designers and website-builders to create an online world that’s compatible with whatever they need. There are courses available for you online to research what you need to know; take some time to see what’s needed and start touting yourself out.

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