When the characters in Friends played Poker

October 4, 2019 3:24 pm

Having a laugh with your pals and playing Poker has been a long-standing activity. Whether you play for money, enjoyment or to get each other’s clothes off – Poker ties it all together and you can play it online here at Paddy Power. We’ve seen the game of Poker depicted in many different films and TV shows, but the iconic American sitcom of Friends is possibly our favourite.

Throughout the ten seasons and hundreds of episodes, our friends play Poker on more than one occasion. So we’re going to take a look back at each of these episodes.


The One With All The Poker

Early in the series, Season One Episode 18 to be exact, we see all six characters play Poker. Near the beginning of the episode, it is just the men (Joey, Ross and Chandler) who are playing the game, with the women watching. They ask to be a part of the game, not quite understanding the rules or the concept of bluffing.

After losing dramatically, the girls seek some help to beat the boys in a rematch. At the time, Rachel is attempting to find a new job as she’s tired of serving coffee and being called ‘excuse me’. After having what seems like a positive interview, Rachel’s told she did not get the job during the rematch Poker game with the boys. Ross, who is trying to deny his feelings for Rachel after some speculation from Joey and Chandler, is being harsh and abrupt with Rachel until she finds out her bad news.

Ross, who tries to back down is challenged by Rachel, asking if he’s backing down from her raising the stakes just because he was just ‘full of it’ earlier. Going along with it, Ross meets every one of Rachel’s bets, the pair end up emptying their wallets, and their friends’ wallets. Rachel turns over her cards and reveals her four-of-a-kind hand, Ross folds, saying he didn’t have the cards, without revealing them – although it’s speculated he could have won but wanted to make Rachel happy, proving to Chandler and Joey he does have feelings for her.

The One At The Beach

A beach trip is ruined when a storm hits, flooding the beach house that our friends are supposed to be staying in but don’t worry, Joey has an idea – Strip Poker! To Joey’s dismay, the idea is rejected over and over. But eventually, due to having nothing else to do, everyone agrees to play.

After realising they don’t have any cards with them, they resort to playing the only game in the house and call it “Strip Happy Days Game”. Joey’s perverted idea quickly backfires on him, as every player turns on him and makes him remove the majority of his clothes.

The One In Vegas

Although this one isn’t strictly Poker, it’s certainly one of our favourite Friends casino moments. Unfortunately, Vegas wasn’t a successful trip, especially for Ross and Rachel. The ex-lovers end up confined to the hotel room after Rachel refuses to leave with permanent pen on her face. Spending their time consuming the entire contents of the mini-bar, including the macadamia nuts, the pair end up playing some Blackjack.

Ross, after being the cause of Rachel’s distress is somewhat forced into letting Rachel win again and again. If she went bust over 21, the rules of the game would change so she could win. Ross trying to play his part in making her happier says she wins $10 only to be reminded that Rachel bet $20 – when in fact she never placed a bet in the first place. With comical laughs as she ‘hits’ through the entire deck and Ross’ wallet, they venture out for more alcohol where they stumble into a wedding chapel and get married!

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