What You Need To Know Before Hosting Travelers In Your Home

May 12, 2017 4:29 pm

For those of us who could do with earning a little extra money, they say that charity begins at home. More and more people are now renting out either spare rooms in their property for business people or travelers, or letting their entire homes while they are away. It can be a sufficient and easy way to make some extra cash, especially if you tend to enjoy being a host. Many of us have naturally nurturing personalities, which tends to lend itself towards being a good host. You may also be very proud of your home and love to share it with guests, in which case all roads do lead to renting some or all of your home out to travelers. Companies such as Air BnB have also helped to revolutionize the holiday rental industry, with verifications and reviews making it easier for both guests and hosts to check that the other party is legitimate. So, if you’re already considering getting involved with something like Air BnB, what will you need to get sorted beforehand? Read on to find out.

Figure out your hosting style

Everyone’s vacation experience is different, and you will find that traveler’s needs differ from person to person. You may come across guests who are super social and who want to spend a lot of time chatting to you – but equally, you may come across people who just want a place to lay their head at night. Your level of interaction will depend on your personal preferences too. Do you have the time and the energy to dedicate to your guests, or will you still be working full time when they come to stay? If you explain which you prefer in your profile, you will be more likely to attract the right kind of guests.

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Be available

Being a vacation host is a little like being a landlord – you will need to be easily contactable for your guests, in the event of anything going wrong. If you are not going to be available (if you are on a work trip, for example), you will need to have someone else on the ground who can take care of the property/guests in your absence. There are many companies who now specialize in airbnb management, so you can rest assured that your guests will be taken care of even if you’re not there.

Make the property suitable

Your guests would be expecting your place to look exactly like the pictures of it that you put up – so you need to make sure that it is pristine, and just as you would expect to find it if YOU were the guest. That means clean bedding, a good supply of tea and coffee and any other amenities you promised. It also never hurts to have a few homely touches in place, such as candles or flowers – these are the things that your guests will appreciate.

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