What Drives Customers Towards Your Website?

September 7, 2018 4:26 pm

Having an online portal is one of the biggest facets of running your own business, whether you have a full or part time company on your hands. Maybe you’re the head of a corporate conglomerate (or you want to be, at least). Maybe you just have a home business you like to work for on the side. Either way, you’ve got a brand to get out there, and having a website to push it is the best way forward.

But is your website serving you how you want it to? Is it even doing the job you think it’s doing? How do you know unless you monitor these factors? Do you know what factors you should even monitor? If not, now’s the time to become a little more savvy, for the good of your business.

The long and short of it is: do you know what keeps people coming back to see your brand website? Do you know what design elements make it so popular or successful? There’s a lot of questions to get answering! So here’s some of the best areas you’re probably making money off of, and how you can make sure you always know what your marketing campaigns and online presence is doing for you.

Coding a good website takes a lot of time and effort, but the people viewing it are always going to appreciate it! (Source)

The Interface is Friendly and Usable

The most important part of website design is how easy your homepage is to view and navigate through, and if you’ve got a new customer checking you out, and previous customers returning to you, it’s because of this. You tabs are clearly marked out, your content is displayed as most recent first, there’s a search bar, and people can get through the entirety of your content with a few clicks!

If you want one of the number one ways profit increases on ecommerce websites on your side, then you need to make your website mobile friendly. If you do this, people literally can access you from anywhere at anytime, which works out much better than just relying on desktop users. Sure, it might be an extra cost to rework your website like this, but you’ll be paid back tenfold via the results it’ll bring you: higher search rankings, increased user retention, and more sales coming through your secure and mobile friendly check out.

You Have Plenty of Content

People like to spend their time online, on their favourite social media pages and streaming sites. And this is because there’s always something new and interesting there for them to consume. The internet is an entertainment source; if your blog or ecommerce website isn’t regularly updated with fresh and fun content, usership is going to drop.

But seeing as you’re writing out new blog pieces and advice columns and product reviews day in and day out, the consistency is clearly paying off. You’ve got readers commenting on your pieces with their own opinions, which you can reply to and interact with. You’ve got plenty of likes when you link each new piece to your social media as well, which brings your content direct to any potential customer’s door. The benefits go on and on!

Ultimately, people like to have someone they can rely on, for both personal and commercial reasons, and becoming that part of a customer’s life is one of the best ways you’re attracting and retaining them.

The Homepage is Updated Regularly

This helps to remind customers that you’re active and available, and just waiting for them to place an order so you can service them. And because of this, you seem a lot more open and trustworthy compared to a competitor that’s at the URL around the corner. People will be more likely to stay on your website, and subsequently trust you with their card details, if your homepage is kept as modern as possible.

That makes for a very happy customer base, one that is likely to leave some great reviews and spread the word around. And when you look updated and current, with an active development, people are willing to spend more money on you as well!

Customers come to you for a variety of reasons, but the ones listed above are often the most important aspects that make up your following. See if they’re working out in your favour on your website, and if not, use some of the tips we hinted at to turn the tide for success!

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