What Does Your Business Say To Your Clients

August 17, 2017 8:47 pm

If you listen carefully, you might just be able to hear your business talking to your customers behind your back. It’s worth paying attention to what it has to say as well because it might not always be putting your company in the best light. There will be cases where your business is actually talking itself down, perhaps pointing your customers in the direction of the competition. Or, maybe even simply agreeing with some of those negative reviews online.

Now, of course, your business can’t literally speak up. But the decisions you make on how to run your business or setup your company could allow it to talk all the same. So, let’s look at the statements that your business could be making, much to your chagrin.

You Can Find It Cheaper

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There will always be price differences between different sellers. Don’t forget that even if you’re selling in a niche market, you’ll have at least a few other companies selling exactly the same product as you or offering the same service. It is worth looking at the prices they’re offering. It could be that you are offering a higher quality of the product. But unless your customers know that, it can just feel like you are ripping them off. You can lose a lot of customers simply by not keeping those prices in check. The good news is that it’s easy to do this with plenty of sites and software. If customers can price check, you can too.

We Don’t Care About Appearances

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This is a particularly dangerous one. Things aren’t always how they appear. This means that you can have a company that looks down in the dumps but is actually delivering a fantastic service. Or, you can have a company that looks fantastic and delivers a truly awful service to their customers. However, one thing is true here. A company that looks terrible won’t get the support of clients or customers. Customers will always favor that looks better. You might think that positive reviews will save your company. But you can’t get those reviews if the business never had the customer numbers in the first place.

There are two ways to improve the appearance of your company. Online, you can build a more attractive and fluid website that is easy for customers to use and access. Or, you can focus on your offline appearance. If you constantly have clients coming to your office, you need it to be as impressive as possible. With services offered by companies like Ozoneinteriors, it’s possible to make sure your business says exactly what you need it to. Your business will look well designed, highly funded and modern.

We Care About Our Customers

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It just shows that not all the statements your business makes are going to be negative. Another example would be customer service. How do you deal with your customers? Are they a nuisance or a crucial and appreciated part of your business model. To show that you do respect and cherish your customers you need to respond and interact with them. It’s important to show that they are not just a means to an ends.

A great way to do this would be with customer reviews. You should be responding to customer reviews as well as changing and adapting your company based on any complaints that you receive. This shows customers that their opinion does matter and that you do care. If you don’t want to respond directly to reviews, you can consider talking to them through social media. It can be a highly effective yet breezy way to connect with an online audience. There’s no pressure, but customers still get the sense that their voices are being heard.

We Have Quality Controls

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One of the major issues for business owners today is finding out that a section of their business isn’t being run at the same level of quality. Usually, this is due to outsourcing. For instance, you might outsource deliveries in your company. In cases like that, it’s easy for deliveries to be poor if the right company isn’t used. That can reflect badly on your business, and even if the rest of the model is fantastic, it will affect customer appearance. Of course, if you choose the right outsourcing company, customers won’t even know you’re using an out of house service. The quality level will be the same across the board, and that’s exactly what you want.

We hope you see now that your business is speaking to your customers. You need to know what it’s saying and change the message to fit how you want your company to be seen.

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