Want to Achieve Something Meaningful? Get the Right Tools

May 10, 2019 10:48 pm

Image via Pixabay

There’s an old aphorism that tells us that “a bad workman blames his tools,” and, sure, there’s some truth to that. Making excuses for why you’re not putting in your best effort is never a good look, and that’s one of the ways of interpreting this statement.

At the same time, though, you’ve probably noticed that even the best computer programmer on earth can’t program a potato, and the best writer on earth is unlikely to be able to craft a master novel using a bicycle.

If you want to achieve something meaningful in your professional life – or even as a side venture or hobby – there is actually pretty good argument to be made that getting the right tools is important.

Here are a few reasons why:

Having the right tools can dramatically improve your precision

Just as a scientist would use carefully calibrated instruments, such as the electrochemical sensors made by Sentek, in order to keep everything organised within strict parameters, and thus avoid potentially catastrophic accidents, so too is precision likely to play an important role in your business.

One of the major benefits of more expensive and advanced tools, in general, is that they tend to allow for a greater degree of precision in the work you’re doing, whatever that work may be.

To a significant degree, greater precision means a higher quality product or offering, fewer mistakes (and bugs), and less waste and inefficiency.

All of these things play a major role in the likelihood that your business will be able to thrive and impress customers.

Having the right tools allows you to use your time much more efficiently

You could argue that the stone axes used by prehistoric man did the same job as certain modern power tools, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Of course, this observation would be missing a pretty important point – the major benefit of power tools over crude hand tools from millennia ago, is that they allow you to get work done a lot more quickly and efficiently.

Having the right tools at your disposal will typically allow you to be significantly more efficient in your work, and therefore use your time much more efficiently, and free up more of it in so doing.

As we all know, “time equals money.” When you can get more done, faster, you’re in a great position to increase your workload, and expand effectively, without having to double your office hours.

In many instances, the right sort of tools can reduce the complexity of a task

Another benefit of advanced tools is that they often reduce the complexity of a task down to a manageable level. This is perhaps most evident when it comes to the tech sector – where algorithms and software systems can often boil truly incredible amount of work down to a few processes that seem straightforward from an outsider’s perspective.

No one is an expert at everything, but when you have the right tools at your disposal, you don’t need to be. Instead, you can focus on your area of core competency, and deal with the rest as an aside.

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