Update Your Home Without Upsetting The Neighbours

December 19, 2018 10:39 pm

Updating your home is something that you should do regardless of whether it’s brand new or has the usual wear and tear to the place. But when you do update it, the last thing you want is to upset your neighbours. They are, after all, living next door and the last thing you want to do is upset them. So here’s how to do it.

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Check Planning Permissions

Before proceeding with any work, you should check your planning permissions. This is important because it could in some way affect your neighbour’s viewpoint or cause a lot of short or prolonged disruption to their lives. Also, it’s good to know you can go ahead with the work before you tell your neighbours what you are up to.

Get Clued Up On Rules

Sometimes you’ll need to justify or fight your corner a little to get your neighbours to see what you want and be on your side. Therefore it’s important to get educated on the rules and laws in place for your area and in regards to the work you want doing. You should also learn everything you need to know about party walls as these can prove very beneficial to both the neighbours and you.

Give Notice Regarding Works

If you were in their position, regardless of what’s taking place, wouldn’t you want to know what plans your neighbours might have that could affect you. Nowadays, there’s not a lot of interaction between neighbours and most keep themselves to themselves. However, it’s still important to have respect so when you know what’s happening, let them know in advance. No matter how big or small the project may be, knowing you’ve thought of them will make a big difference.

Be Tasteful

You’ll have likely read numerous horror stories regarding home updates that had been a little garish or over the top, which had therefore caused friction between parties. It’s certainly a given that whatever you do to your property, it should be done in taste. Think about what you want to do and ask yourself if you’d like it as a neighbour. If the answer is no, then it’s worth re-accessing the project. You don’t want to end up on the front page of a local newspaper at the end of the day.

Involve Yourself With The Neighbourhood

There’s very little community spirit in some areas, and that can make it difficult if you’ve got to approach a neighbour about anything. Especially when it comes to work being done on your property! Involve yourself with the community and the neighbourhood in general so that they know your face and have some sort of relationship with you. It’ll make approaching them easier, and they’ll be less likely to kick up a fuss because they know you.

You have every right to update your home however you want. But it’s also important to think about those closest to you, respecting their thoughts and concerns when it comes to major work being done near their property. Communication is key!

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