February 10, 2016 3:00 pm

Successful womanOkay, so by this age you’re meant to have life figured out. When you say that you’re in your early twenties, people expect that you have finished university and have used your degree in a job that you love. No. This is not how it goes. Okay, so it might happen like that for people who live in a perfect world, but for the average person it does not. For the average person who doesn’t get into university, yes we are out there! The people who are not perfect! For us, we’re still figuring out who we are, what we want to be and for some people, who we want to spend it with. For the average person, they’re working a minimum wage job that you hate, by the way, for a boss who is probably a huge tool, but you need the money for rent and, you know, food.

One of the worst things about being one of these people is when you bump into someone that you knew at school and you ask how things are etc. and they, out of the blue say something like ‘Oh, I must dash, I’m late for a conference’. Leaving you there stranded and feeling inferior on the side of the pavement. I also feel that TV sitcoms and movies with twenty somethings give a very unrealistic view on what being FRIENDSthis age is like. Sitcoms such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S show twenty something people being very successful and living in New York drinking endless amounts of, probably very expensive, coffee. Whereas, in reality, twenty something people work endless hours for a pretty dead end job for a pitiful wage at the end of the month. There is a saying that I was told when I moved out, ‘there will probably come a time when there is too much month at the end of the money’ and sometimes, it is very applicable.

When you’re at school and being twenty seems like a lifetime away, you are completely unaware that when you come to be this age, you can sometimes still be as clueless as you were back then. Although, some horrors from school will always follow you. Like you know the bully who made you feel terrible? They will be in every workplace that you can imagine. Some people just never get out of the mentality that they need to be better than you and they will go to any lengths to prove it. Also, you know the cliques at school, the geeks, popular people, goths, emo’s, they follow you into the workplace too! You may not know it, but they are there!

Seeing someone that you love succeed gives you a fantastic feeling but it will also beg the question ‘What am I doing wrong?’ The answer is nothing, absolutely nothing. Some people get lucky; others have to really work for what they want and if you’re one of these people, good for you because when you get to the top, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have worked as hard as you possibly could have to get where you are.

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