Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2015

March 24, 2015 9:00 am

Here are the 10 best travel destinations in 2015 – put them at the top of your lists and beat the crowds, these places are set to boom this year and beyond…

1. Bosnia & Herzegovina

A picture conveys a thousand words and Bosnia & Herzegovina is one of the most charming countries off the beaten path. Luckily it is still zooming very much under the radar – making now the perfect time to visit.

2. Ireland

The land of green pastures and overflowing rain… Ireland really lives up to its’ cliché in the best possible way. But what is still amazing to most who visit Ireland is the unmatched natural beauty to be revealed here. In addition, it has one of the friendliest people in the universe and you have yourself one of the world’s most entertaining countries to visit.

3. Patagonia, Chile

If you are thinking what’s at the end of the world? Trekking the W trek in Patagonia and being among the flamingos in chile is one of the greatest trophies you can have on your adventure wall of fame. Make sure to think through an off-season visit for the most grounding experience – no one wants to walk behind trails of tourists in the backcountry.

4. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is one of Europe’s most underestimated cities, especially in summer. Tourism is still equally minimal in Serbia, but there’s so much to see and discover. This year Kandoo Adventures is beginning to sell tours and excursions, something which will surely bring new traffic to the city. If you get off the beaten path and visit the less toured in Europe, you surely won’t be dissatisfied. You must spend hours in line for the Eiffel Tower view? That’s less an assurance.

5. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania or simply “Tassie” to the locals – has hard its’ fair share of publicity these past couple of years, after Hobart was confirmed Lonely Planet’s best city to visit in 2014 and Australia’s only mention for best destination to visit in 2015. Tasmania has the world’s freshest air, welcoming locals, undamaged wilderness, some of the world’s best mountaineering trails, new produce and etc. If there’s one place that you must simply go and visit in Oceania in 2015, it’s Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania Australia - National Park Cradle Mountain

6. Oman

Oman is quickly becoming out of the shadows as one of the most interesting travel destinations to visit in 2015. If you want to feel the Middle East in all its genuineness, culture and civilizations – Oman is one of the best and safest nations you can do so.

7. Philippines

Pure waters and a paradise – the Philippines has long been a WOW “must visit ASAP” country in the world. Many people around the globe have exclaimed they will to retire in the Philippines. And if you don’t like it, then there is always the option of Tokyo, which is just 4 hrs away. You can take a Tokyo day trips guide and enjoy the beauty of it all the while being in the hub of the 21st century’s technological advancement.

8. New Zealand

Many people you meet on your travels will consider New Zealand as their #1 dream travel destination. Geographically isolated and with relatively virgin wilderness, it’s not hard to see why. Lord of the Rings may have also had an important impact on the increased interest. But years on from the trilogy and following The Hobbit films, New Zealand remains a favorite spot for travelers heading into 2015.

9. Nicaragua

There’s new hot spot to visit in Central America in 2015. Nicaragua is rapidly considered as Central America’s well-liked destination, with so much to offer long and short term travelers. If you plan on sticking around for a while and participating in some sluggish travel, Nicaragua is the right place to do so.

10. Morocco

Whether you are searching for magic carpets through the Souks in Marrakech or wondering the old streets of Fez, there is so much to see and do in Morocco. The tourism in Morocco has escalated in recent years, so make sure to jump on the trend before it’s too late. Thus, Morocco is regarded as one of the world’s most enthralling countries for travelers and backpackers.


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