They’re Just Not That Into You: Win Back Your Target Market

March 10, 2017 4:31 pm

You know there’s a place for you. You know there’s demand for what you provide and you know you can deliver it well. So, what’s not working in this relationship with your target market? Why won’t they come to you and, when they do, why won’t they stay with you? Business doesn’t succeed when it brings in a new customer. It succeeds when it’s able to consistently keep them coming all while maintaining the same relationship with older customers too. Here’s how you get that done.

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Your brand needs a rethink

The brand is the message of the business and it’s supremely important. You need to make sure the story of your brand, the core of all your messaging is the value that gets delivered to the customer. It’s not about what you do or what your origins are. It’s about how easy it is for them to benefit from what you do. A great brand still needs great delivery, too. Teams like the Lightbox digital remarketing agency are most often used when a business fails to capitalize on its own message. Using the kind of data-driven methods they champion, you can ensure that your branding shines clear even after they’ve left your site, making your business a lot more engaging than at first glance. It finds out exactly what the target market wants to see and put it front-and-center.

You love them and leave them

Winning new customers might seem like the shinier prize for a business. But it’s a lot easier and can be just as beneficial, if not more so, to focus on retaining those you have already won over. Yet many businesses will ignore the post-purchase support that is instrumental in creating a reliable customer base. It can be as simple as getting them to subscribe to an online mailing list that promises exclusive deals and the first opportunity to get new products. You need to keep delivering value and keep surprising customers. If you want an emotional connection, you can think about even delivering a handwritten thank you note with deliveries. Make it clear they’re always welcome and it’s always in their best interest to stick with your business.

You’re not working to improve your reputation

When you establish that emotional connection and you convince customers to come back, you’ve likely formed a very positive impression from them. So, make use of it. Your marketing strategies and branding are important. But word-of-mouth and evidence that people are using and enjoying your services can be even more vital. It shows that you’re not just talking the talk. It gives an impartial eye on the business’s value and gives a better impression of it, which is often just the push that those on-the-fence consumers need to join in.

It’s time to stop settling for less. Win your target market back. Make those who stopped using your services or those who thought twice about that decision regret it. Make your message crystal clear and make sure your business lives up to its promise well after delivering and that the whole world knows about it.

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