The Nitty Gritty: Wedding Details You May Have Forgotten!

February 15, 2017 3:19 pm

Life is full of tiny details. Some we forget, others we pin on the noticeboard due to their importance and pray we don’t lose it. There are many events in life that we should pay close attention to and our wedding day is right up there as one of the most important ones.


The trouble with details, is that they are easy to forget. The key to a celebration that stands out in the memories of your guests are the details. It’s the little things that count whichever way you look at it and on your wedding day, those tiny, perhaps insignificant-to-most details are what you will be looking back on with a smile. Remembering everything you need to include for a wedding can mean compiling a huge list based on what you find online, and what all your friends tell you. But what about what you and your future husband want? What details matter to you?


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Let’s say you’re going to have a wedding in a chapel that’s in the countryside, and your venue is a few miles away from it. People who potentially have never visited you at home will be visiting you and have no idea where they’re going! Fixing specially made signage in intervals between the church and the venue is smart, as is including a map with written directions in your wedding invitation. These signs can be printed and laminated or made on pieces of old wood that you paint on to have a rather rustic feel.


Wedding Entrance.

The first impression for your wedding day is essential. Sorting out luxury wedding stationery and having your guests impressed with invitations gives them something to look forward to. Elegant and beautiful stationery implies an elegant, beautiful wedding. Beautiful weddings need a little bit of POW when guests arrive so if you are having an outdoor wedding, hang decorations from the trees like glass jars with tealights inside to be lit up later on. Line the paths to the venue with lanterns and ribbons for a natural look.


Escort Cards.

No, not a calling card you find in a post box. To save time on your wedding day, assign seating early. Pin your escort cards to a clothes line and have guests find their name and seat number. This works especially well for larger weddings where the ushers may get a little tied up!


Guest Book.

One thing a lot of people forget is to have a guest book on the cake table for everyone to sign. It makes for a fantastic keepsake and not only do you get to see messages of love from all the people who came to experience your wedding, you get to treasure memories from relatives who may not be with you any longer. Be creative though – don’t just set out a book and a pen. Leave out a Polaroid camera and some accessories and have your guests leave silly photos for you to stick inside!


Something For The Kids.

If your wedding includes the little humans of the screaming variety, you need to be clever. Of course, it’s down to the parents to make a swift exit with their cherubs when they inevitably chatter a little during the ceremony, but if you provide some entertainment you’ll be thanked and remembered. Ushers can hand out colouring books and small crayon packs, and if you have the money hiring an entertainer for during the speeches in a separate area of the room is a smart idea. You can be inclusive while ensuring your wedding day isn’t interrupted.


Please Be Seated.

The chairs for a sit-down meal are often overlooked. With so many other venue decorations to think about, chairs get left behind. If you can’t manage an entire room of chair covers with colour matching sashes, how about something a little simpler? The right chair treatments can transform a room so why not go for large bows in the colour of your wedding? Or instead of having name cards on the tables, hang little signs over the backs of the chairs.


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Each of these details can transform your wedding as even the smallest of option can be a big deal in a venue or church. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, either, so make the details a small part of the budget and watch your guests appreciate every little bit of consideration you’ve made to make your wedding perfect for you and for them.

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