The Mastery Behind Winning Window Art

February 13, 2018 6:41 pm


First of all, let’s deal with a rumour: shops aren’t going anywhere soon. It is true that bricks and mortar stores are on the decline and it’s because of eCommerce sites. Still, some shops have tricks up their sleeves which draw customers out of their pit and onto the high street. Window art is a prime example. People are on the road walking past and they see a product or service that catches their eye. What happens next is as guaranteed as it is predictable.

But, a below-par display won’t keep the electronic doors opening and closing. To grab a person’s attention, it’s important to understand the art form. Here are guidelines that can help.

Measure Eye Line

It’s vital that the most important pieces are level with the shoppers. Otherwise, they won’t see it and won’t be compelled to come inside. Thinking in visual planes is a lot harder than it appears (no pun intended) because of the varying measurements. Usually, shop windows aren’t level with the street outside, so it’s hard to gauge from inside the shop. Therefore, you should go out and see for yourself. Then, place a piece of tape on the window so that you don’t lose the position. Don’t forget to think about the average height of your base before setting up the display.

Tell A Story

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s tempting to go with a red theme. Please don’t because it’s played out and generic. Instead, tell a story about the ‘holiday’ that will play on people’s emotions. For instance, it can revolve around how to keep the mystery alive if customers are likely to be from an older generation. Younger customers will be more interested in how to be passionate and fiery. Singletons, however, will want a story which helps them get through the day unscathed.


That being said you shouldn’t assume that everything has to have a meaning. The truth is it doesn’t as shoppers are mesmerised by the weird and wonderful. Retail design services around the country often throw in a sneaky treat which is just supposed to get a reaction. Yes, it’s a very hipster thing to do, but we live in hipster world, ladies and gentlemen. Bold shapes and colours will get people coming to the window to check out the display and take pictures. Those that don’t enter will be back for more, which increase the chances of a conversion.

Be Clutter-Free

Clutter doesn’t work because it’s untidy and has unhealthy connotations. Most importantly, it’s something shoppers relate to budget items, and that shouldn’t be your priority. Therefore, you should try and keep the arrangement to a minimum and keep everything as clean as possible. That way, the sharp lines will look prettier to passers-by. In the spirit of surprising and being clean, you can use one item multiple times. For instance, a love heart made of chocolates is eye-catching without taking up too much space.

What do you think? Can you create a cracking window display?

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