The LEO Privacy Guard V3

January 20, 2016 7:52 pm

Our phones form is part of lives. It is imperative that information that can be accessed through our phones is well-guarded. This includes access to social media accounts, messages, photos and videos. Protecting information on your phone and restricting access to your phone will prevent you suffering from contemporary challenges such as hacking and cyber bullying which is a result of unfettered access to your phone. Restrict access by using apps which guarantee the security of your phone.

leo privacy guard

The LEO privacy Guard V3 is the best privacy safeguard currently. You do not have to fear private information getting leaked or being used maliciously against you. The recently updated version 2.0 has a number of features which enhance its efficiency. There is the auto-scan which assesses password strength to ensure there is no possibility of breaches. You are able to access websites safely via the built-in browser and there is an improved safe box function which manages accounts and passwords much more efficiently.

Applock: Restrict access to your apps

LEO privacy Guard V3 has an Applock which restricts access to your social media accounts such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Not just social media but all apps which you wish to be restricted are locked. Access to apps is only through the right password. You can customise your Applock where you have different lock for different circumstances. You can use the two types of locks either the pattern or the PIN code lock. If you have misplaced your phone somewhere, you need not worry about nosy people infringing on your phone, there is an anti-theft feature which remotely locks up all your apps with the advanced Applock function. Your phone can be racked in case of theft or loss.

Safe Box: Protect photos and videos

The Safe Box feature is adept at hiding photos and videos which you deem sensitive. Using this feature, you can protect those SMS and contact logs which you do not want exposed. This is a problem especially to those malicious people who would want to expose private things to ruin your reputation and blackmail you.
Wi-Fi security scan

The Wi-Fi security scan is an important feature that the Privacy Guard has. We are in such a time that public Wi-Fi hotspots are almost everywhere and with Internet usage being heavy; the risk of intrusion into your privacy is high. But with Wi-Fi Security Scan, your information and access to the internet remains a private affair without the risk of any breaches. So whenever you are browsing in public, your phone is safe from even harmful websites which bring about viruses.

Speed up your phone

If someone tries to access information on your phone and they are not supposed to, there is a break-in alert which takes a photo of whoever wants to enter the wrong password. Access to your phone is solidly guarded. Not only does LEO Privacy Guard V3 make information on your phone well-protected, it also speeds up your phone clearing up junk and cache.

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