“The Duchess is the anti-Kardashian” – Interview with Charlotte who runs blog about Kate Middleton

August 25, 2016 4:44 pm

I spoke with Charlotte, a blogger who runs Duchess Kate Blog, a website about Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton. The whole interview below.

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Peter Balkus: Your blog is all about Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Why Her? When did you “fall in love” with Kate?

Charlotte: The British Royal family were (for me) a part of growing up in England. Whether it was watching the Queen’s Christmas Speech every year or seeing media coverage of engagements. My mother was a huge Diana fan and my grandmother, similar in age to the Queen, had always admired her sense of duty and steadfastness. An increasing interest in history led me to royal history and thus the younger royal generation. I would have become familiar with Kate in my mid-teens through seeing her in magazines and became interested in the story of the woman who would one day become our future queen.

PB: What is the purpose of your blog?

C: The blog began as a private university project shared with only a few friends. Never in my wildest dreams did I think five years later people from all over the world would be reading it daily. The purpose is to chronicle the life and style of the Duchess of Cambridge. I’ve become increasingly interested in the charitable aspect of Kate’s life, her causes, and the positive effects of a royal patronage. I believe the royals are uniquely placed to bear a spotlight on overlooked causes throughout Britain, and even abroad.

PB: Kate, apart from being a Royal, is also a Goddess of fashion. What is so distinctive in Her style that makes other women (and men!) look up to Her and praise Her?

C: The Duchess is the ‘anti-Kardashian’ in terms of fashion. Kate’s style is elegant, sophisticated and very easy to emulate. Her Royal Highness isn’t a slave to fashion or the latest trends, and I think people admire her for that. We’ll often see Kate in a dress by Topshop or most recently a sweater by J Crew. I think people love the fact they can buy what she wears and incorporate Kate’s style into their own wardrobes. Kate opts for understated, wearable pieces and her style is quite timeless. I think we saw her experiment with her style during the tour, from a Temperley London crop top and maxi skirt to an array of prints, it was refreshing to see her having fun with fashion.

PB: You seem to know everything about Kate. Is there anything you don’t know and you would like to know about Her?

C: The royals tend to have an air of mystique about them, so one will never know everything there is to know, and I suspect that’s a good thing. I would like to see Kate giving more speeches and hearing more of her thoughts and opinions on various areas. It’s something that will happen as her role progresses.

PB: Kate wasn’t born royal. Media say about the feud between Queen Elizabeth and Kate, the Queen called Her “out-of-control diva” and accused her of wearing “too short skirts”…

C: I understand there is no feud and absolutely no truth to those rumours. The Queen is incredibly supportive of William and Kate and has very much been a “gentle guidance” in their lives whilst offering every support. HM has actually taken Kate under a wing in terms of having her accompany her on engagements. This is something rarely seen and, I believe, a sign of her interest and care for the Cambridges.

PB: How it feels to be a chronicler of one of the most famous and possibly the most beautiful royal ever?

C: It’s wonderful to be part of a community of intelligent and informative royalists who are watching the monarchy grow and adapt to the ever-changing times. There’s a fabulous group of readers who regularly comment on posts, and seeing their thoughts, opinions and feedback is the most special part for me. Thus far, it has been incredibly enjoyable and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings.

PB: Are you gonna still blog about the Duchess when she becomes The Queen? Are you at some point planning retirement from blogging about Her or not at all?

C: I have no plans to retire from blogging. Will I still be blogging when Kate is Queen? We shall have to wait and see (smile).

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