The Biggest Struggles University Students Face

June 28, 2017 9:05 pm

University is still a popular choice for students after finishing school. In fact, last summer over 238,900 young people was accepted into uni. And that number is set to increase this summer. After all, people know that a degree can bring them a wealth of opportunities. However, uni life is not easy. There are a number of students who find it difficult to get through their degree. Here are some of the biggest struggles university students face, and solutions which can help them go on to graduate with flying colours.

Funding their experience

Going to university is not cheap. In fact, the price rises every year to a staggering amount. And the tuition fee is before the other costs of living. Therefore, funding the experience can be a struggle for uni students. But there are some ways to help fund your experience. For starters, look at getting a tuition fee to cover the costs of your education. You don’t have to pay it back till you start earning. You can also apply for a maintenance loan which can help you to cover your accommodation and food costs. Also, you might want to consider getting a part-time job on campus. There are lots of opportunities such as bar and shop work in the uni grounds to help you earn cash. And be careful when it comes to going out. Limit yourself to a couple of nights a week!

Meeting deadlines

It’s always a big jump going from your A levels to a degree. After all, the work is a lot more intense and difficult. And a lot of university students struggle to get used to the workload. In fact, it can cause them to miss deadlines. And sometimes they even end up leaving university. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. For one thing, stay organised when it comes to your work. Write down the list of the deadlines so you can prioritise work. Also, you should talk to your lecturer if you are struggling. They can give you guidance, and even an extended deadline. And you could find a tutor online to help you with your coursework. Or you could even go through a company like Brill Assignment who can help you write up your assignment. That way, it can ease the pressure on you if you have a million things to do. And you will soon be making your deadlines.


Being away from home

It’s easy to feel ready to leave home and go to university. But a lot of young people find when they are in their dorm, they miss being away from home. In fact, they find freshers a struggle. However, it doesn’t have to be a painful time. For one thing, get out and about when you are at uni. Exploring your surroundings and meeting new people are just two ways to say farewell to being homesick. And although it can be difficult, try and make your uni room homely. That way, you can feel more comfortable and at ease with your new surroundings!

And staying healthy can be difficult when you are at uni. A lot of people put on weight in their first year! Therefore, make use of the university gym and try and eat healthier meals.

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