The Big Teams Christmas Wishes: Bayern Munich

December 24, 2014 6:46 pm

With Christmas just a few days away, kids around the world are posting their letters full of wishes to Santa. But they are not the only ones. With half of the season complete for some, football clubs around the world are have also drawn up their lists of presents they want from Santa. Let’s have look at what Bayern Munich could ask the Man in Red and White, according to what their season has brought them so far.

fc bayern munich

1. A lot of banana skins for the rivals: Once again Bayer Munich are the run away leaders in Bundesliga, but as usual, their rivals are trying to catch up. Bayern are currently 11 points clear at the top of the Bundesliga, and their biggest wish will probably be for 2nd place Wolfsburg and the other title rivals to slip up so that they can wrap up the league title as soon as possible. So banana skins is definitely wish number 1.

2. Win back UEFA the Champions League: Last season, everybody thought that Bayern Munich will retain their Champions League title. Everything was going according to that plan until Real Madrid showed up in the semi-finals. Bayern as since then been on the road to recovery and will be hoping that no one stand on their way to glory this time around. So wish number 2, ‘Win the Champions League, again’.

3. Make sure that all the rivals sell them their best players: In football, poaching your rivals players is an unfair and ‘ungentlemen-like’, right? WRONG, at least according to Bayern Munich transfer policy. So wish number 3, ‘Lure all the best players from all the other 17 teams in the Bundesliga to the Allianz Arena.

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