The Beauty of the Area of Marylebone

November 29, 2016 5:16 pm

There are all kinds of wonderful locations that you may want to visit during your time in London. Different neighborhoods throughout the city can bring completely different looks to you and can provide you with very unique experiences. Depending on where you visit, you can find all kinds of different places to eat, places to shop, parks to relaxing in and much more. One area that receives great attention is the area of the city known as Marylebone. Marylebone has always been a fantastic piece of London and it is certainly a part of the city that you definitely should consider checking out during your next visit.


Learning about the Area

Marylebone can be found in central London and is considered to be one of the more affluent areas of London. Marylebone is very near to the West End. It is a very historic part of the city and it gets its name from St. Mary and the church in the area that has been dedicated in her name. There are several well-known, major streets in the area, including Baker Street, Wimpole Street and Gloucester Place, which contain well-known historical sites and fantastic shopping and dining opportunities for you. The entire area has great heritage to it, with personalities such as Charles Dickens, John Lennon, Chopin, Charles Babbage and others all living in the area at one time or another. Just walking through this part of the city can be a fantastic experience for you.

Staying in the Area

Because there is so much that you may want to explore in Marylebone, you may want to look for accommodations that will keep you near to the area. There are a number of luxury hotels in London and in particular in central London that you can select from for your visit. Look over the London 4 star hotels so that you can be sure that you get a very comfortable place to stay that allows you to be close to Marylebone. This way you will be able to take a walk over to the area or take advantage of one of the tube stations nearby so that you can take a quick trip over whenever you want. This will also allow you to do all of the exploring of the region that you want to and have a very comfortable and convenient spot to return to when your day is done.

When you examine the hotels near Marylebone see if there are reservations available during the time of your visit at The Westbourne Hyde Park. Among all of the hotels in the area, The Westbourne Hyde Park is considered a fantastic luxury hotel that is near to Marylebone so that you will be able to access this area with great ease. The hotel offers everything you could want in terms of comfort, service and luxury and you will enjoy all of your days and nights throughout your time and have fantastic memories that will make you want to return again and again.

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