“Thanks for waiting…”

October 17, 2013 2:00 pm

I feel like my life is one long wait…

Waiting for money to appear in my bank account, waiting to get my degree, waiting till I find a better job, waiting in a queue, always waiting!

waiting in a queue at a food store

After queuing for over five minutes I start to get a sort of itch to jump over the till and serve myself. What really grinds on me is when the cashier behind a till won’t even acknowledge that you have been waiting for them to serve other customers before you. From a customer’s point of view, it is excruciating to wait for more than five minutes for an item that doesn’t even worth waiting for and then not even being acknowledged for it by the cashier! The £1.99 bottle of shampoo that I had in my hands was definitely not worth the wait…

Being a team member of a popular clothes retailer, who is known for its customer service, I share the opinion that the cashier should always thank a customer for waiting. I have it  drilled in my head that if there are more than two people waiting then its a queue and the least someone can do in a situation like this is being polite to the customer. So, I have found that manners go a long way, and guess what?

They are FREE!

Although, the main problem these days is that retailers don’t have time for customers because of the vicious circle of the recession. Customers don’t have money to spend in stores, which means less staff, lower customer service experience and, consequently, fewer customers wanting to spend their hard-earned cash.

As far as I am concerned, I am bored of waiting whatever it is I am waiting for… We need to get ourselves out of this recession!

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