Study Shows: E-Cigarettes Safer than Smoking in Long Term

April 20, 2017 10:28 am

E-cigarettes are quickly becoming the most popular method of helping to quit smoking. This comes as little surprise to former smokers, who will tell you that when attempting to quit with nicotine patches and gum you will still feel the need to physically smoke something. While these nicotine-filled products do provide you with that much-needed craving, you’re still left with that itching feeling – and left not knowing what to do with your hands!

Unfortunately, when it comes to vaping and e-cigarettes, there is an awful lot of misinformation and rumours when it comes to the health risks. Much of this stems from e-cigarettes being a relatively new phenomenon, so obviously, science has had a hard time catching up in terms of testing. That is, until now.

Cancer Research have published the results from a six-month study into whether e-cigarettes are just as harmful as smoking tobacco: and it’s a categorical no. Participants who swapped their regular tobacco cigarettes for e-cigarettes were found to have dramatically lower levels of cancerous toxins within their system after the six months had passed; compared to those who continued to smoke tobacco. The study corrected many of the common misconceptions regarding vaping and Cancer Research backs e-cigarettes as a perfectly healthy way to quit smoking for good.

The study outlined three crucial factors as to why vaping is not nearly as damaging to people as opposed to smoking tobacco.

Second-hand Smoke
Vaping certainly seems to produce a lot more visible ‘smoke’ than tobacco cigarettes, leading people to worry about the dangers of secondhand smoke – however, this study has proven that the smoke from vaporisers is harmless and therefore far less dangerous to those around you compared to cigarettes. This is great news to those with children as vaping around them will pose no credible harm to their health, when as we all know, smoking cigarettes around small children can have disastrous consequences for their well-being.

Levels of Nicotine
Some e-cigarettes contain nicotine, leading people to assume that this will still cause cancer as it is the same addictive substance found in tobacco cigarettes, however, this is untrue. While nicotine is definitely addictive, it is not what causes cancer within cigarettes. E-cigarettes come with nicotine in order to help smokers who want to quit ease off their cravings, the dosage of nicotine can be altered to decrease over time and many vapers smoke using no nicotine at all! More people are gradually shifting toward the use of e-cigarettes, and weed vaporizer as these are safer and also as these do not contain any form of nicotine.

No Tobacco
There is literally no tobacco found within e-cigarettes, the smoke they create is simply from vapour. Within the UK alone, tobacco is responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 people, all of which are preventable deaths caused by smoking – people can now wean themselves off cigarettes once and for all with e-cigarettes and kick the habit that could cost them their lives. On top of those perks, vaping is much more stylish and everyone can agree that, it smells better. A quick look at vapes found on sites like will convince anyone that vaping accessories are much more appealing visually than a pack of cigarettes.

So, there we have it, a clinical study backed by Cancer Research has proven once and for all (hopefully) that e-cigarettes are a far healthier alternative to smoking. Let’s hope for an end to the constant stream of fake news and misguided opinions on the subject. If you’re looking to shake the smoking habit, why not purchase your very own e-cig? Vapourmate stock a massive selection of e-cigarettes that come with a variety of flavours.

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