Sky News presenter Stephen Dixon on how to succeed as a journalist

August 5, 2013 3:33 pm

Friendly and successful Cumbrian presenter Stephen Dixon, 39, reveals his path to success and dishes out the secrets to cracking the journalism industry…

Beginning his career as an unpaid team member of his local radio station whilst studying a Broadcast Journalism degree at Nottingham Trent, Dixon knows all too well the struggle ahead for budding journalists.

‘I never had a structure’ explains Dixon. ‘It is a case of seeing where something takes you and taking gambles.’

Stephen-Dixon-2Sure enough, the risks Dixon took paid off. He left his full-time radio job to work freelance with ITN, which in turn secured him a presenting position at ITV.

I’d always think – will I regret it if I didn’t go for it’ remarks Dixon.

He progressed further by dabbling in producing and eventually secured the position as a famous face of Sky News.

The path to success, as with most, was not straight forward for this eager journalist.

‘Prepare for rejection’ advises Dixon. ‘The ones that make it are the ones who persevere.’

As for the best weapon to infiltrate the notoriously competitive industry, Dixon notes the importance of work experience and making contacts.  He advises ‘have a quiet confidence in your ability but be humble.’

Nobody likes a know it all’  jokes Dixon. ‘Even the most experienced journalist has room for improvement.’

Describing journalism as ‘harsh, unforgiving but rewarding’ he maintains that the necessary qualities for a hungry novice are ‘determination, thick-skin and the ability to learn.’

Although hard-work may be in store for the new journalist, Dixon exclaims ‘just go for it!’

‘Have faith in yourself and don’t let anyone put you off.



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