School Lunches Becoming Healthier

April 11, 2015 9:00 am

Raquel Hellman has recently released on KIMT news a short article about the growing confrontation to make children make healthier meal choices, while saying that school lunches are no longer just oily fries or fried chicken. Lauren Daley, a student at Lewiston Altura High School, said “When you think of school lunches, a great deal of people don’t think of what we have, which is truly healthy, nutritional solid food!”

Vickie Speltz, the district’s Food Service Director said that nowadays, school lunches do actually look a little various to what they once did. She added… “We have split it up into separate sections now, because if the children are going to have lunch at school, then they’re going to need a good selection, which quite truthfully we truly did need to offer them.” She exposed that at Lewiston Altura High School, the kitchen area had actually been provided a whole full remodeling, consisting of the addition of vegetable and fruit bars, though mentioning that it is still quite a problem to make it much easier for students to make the healthier choices now offered. She also discussed the importance of a balanced diet at school, saying…” This could actuality be the best meal any one student may get throughout the day, so it truly is so essential for schools to feed them that one well balanced meal.” We also decided to find an orthodontist in Jacksonville and invite him to the next meeting so as to update kids on proper dental care after meals.

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School student Daley also said… “When you eat healthy in school, you truly do value it because it’s good and wholesome. In the past when I got home, I’d truly fancy eating some really good corn or beans, and ask mommy to make it for me, however eating healthier has taken that away, so now when I go home, I know I won’t be snacking up until dinner time, when I’m going to have a bag of chips or something like that.” Another student Arron Hohensee also said that it eliminated the chance of snacking because you were still full up from lunch. The Lewiston Altura District has also received a grant from Minnesota’s Farm to School program, with the cash being utilized to continue making healthier food choices available to students in Minnesota. They also have made an initiative to facilitate water filters like the waterboss 900 in every school of the district.

Another advocate for healthier school food is daddy of 4, and Nevada based company Freddie and Sebbie co-director, Neil Speight, who states that another method to ensure that children receive all their required daily nutrients is for parents to prepare a packed lunch at home for their children. He added… “It’s great to see that at least one school district is taking the issue of healthy lunches for children seriously. It’s so essential for children to receive a balanced diet, and additionally parents could also take the initiative of preparing a cold meat salad at home, and also packing a bottle of natural juice or water, along with fruit or berries, while all being safely packed in an insulated lunch bag to avoid food going off prior to it’s enjoyed at school.”


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