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April 28, 2018 12:39 am

An online trading account is capable of holding various types of investments such as securities, cash, and stocks. Usually, it is remains a financial organization’s property under the management of an investment broker or dealer. The broker guides the account holder through various trading strategies. Trading accounts come in numerous varieties as explained below.

The Basics of An Online Trading Account

When traders decide to open an online trading account, they are prompted with various questions. These basically are geared towards establishing the type of account they wish to open, whether or not they can keep all their investments in a single account, and whether or not they need to fund it through their bank. The account opening procedure varies from one broker to the other. However, there are various factors that remain constant in almost all brokerage institutions.

For instance, the answer to whether to fund through the trader’s bank should always be answered with a yes. This is because the brokerage conditions dictate that traders’ funds must emanate from their name and the bank account must be under their name only.

The traders’ choice of online trading account will be determined by the state of their bank accounts. That is whether they are taxable of deferred and whether it is an independent or joint account.

The choices provided here are; non retirement and personal accounts. Below personal account, traders can choose to open an individual account.  Still, traders can open a custodial account for their dependants. Other options include simplified employee plan, rollover, and a hybrid account.

Margin or Cash

Next, traders will need to determine whether the account will be margin or cash. In a cash account, traders will be limited to placing investment trades for the total amount available in their account. For instance, placing 5,000 pounds in their account will limit the trader to spending only that amount. In this account, traders are prohibited from borrowing money. In addition, the settlement cash transaction period vary between the transaction day and a day after. However, this can also be extended by three more days.

In a margin account, traders will get a credit line from the brokerage institution. This will enable them to buy securities or stocks. Traders will be able to open margin accounts with options, meaning that they will be entitled but not liable to sell or purchase stocks at particular prices. It is worth mentioning that options are complex and can only be used by professional expert investors.

Many brokerage institutions provide traders with credit to buy extra stock. This is what is referred to as a margin. This account enables traders to borrow money from other investors. It is important to understand that borrowing comes with interests which in this case are imposed if a trader holds a certain position overnight. Interests vary between various brokerage institutions. Approximately, it is 2% above the principal interest rate.

Whether the trader wins or loses, they are obligated to return the money. While the margin account gives you an opportunity to make more profits than you invest, you are likely to lose more than you invest too. Assuming the trader’s brokerage account is below 25,000 pounds the margin account shall be set at 2:1. For instance, if a trader opens an account with 10,000 pounds they can purchase equities amounting to 20,000 pounds.

Today however, traders can access brokerage accounts offering 4:1 margins in the event their accounts have more than 25,000 pounds in deposit. Traders should remember that they are under obligation to maintain 50% of that amount overnight. While opening an online trading account, the brokerage institution shall require your detailed personal information. This will assist in monitoring tax as well as handling of the account. Traders must provide accurate information as the brokerage may need to contact them in the event their accounts change.


Online trading firms have privacy regulations that guide handling of personal information. It is important to read through their terms and conditions in order to understand what they entail.

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