No Need to Kiss and Tell.

March 10, 2014 12:33 pm

So, clearly 2013 was the year to come out. I am happy that celebrities such as Tom Daley feel secure enough to publicly declare their sexual preferences. However, I can’t help but be a little cynical. Why are we so concerned with labelling our sexuality and making it so known to the public? Lets say you are a gorgeous supermodel with big eyebrows, should you have a moral obligation to divulge your sexual escapades to the world?

The YouTube video of Tom Daley coming out of the metaphorical closet  was a trending success. With over 10 million people watching this clip world wide it quickly made the headlines. Whilst I was watching the video, I just couldn’t help but think ‘So what?’. All these celebs leaving ‘Narnia’ doesn’t fill me with excitement, it felt very old-fashioned (as did the attention it received).

If we are currently in the era of ‘coming out’ then I am hoping for the next stage to quickly arise: When we simply ‘don’t care’. So what if you are gay? I don’t care. You kissed a girl, so what? It is still a form of homophobia to give so much praise to people who declare their sexuality to the public. It is patronising and extremely condescending.

tom daley is gay Take Cara Delevingne. She’s taking over the world with her unique style, her signature eyebrows and ‘I don’t give a sh*t’ persona. She kisses guys, and dates them. She kisses girls and yep, you guessed it, she dates them. And? Does she feel that she has to inform us all of this every step of the way? Almost like she has a dirty secret she needs to liberate from herself? Does she heck. She is way too cool for that. That is what adds to her ever increasing personality. Yes, her youth and beauty are a contributing factor, probably giving her the confidence to enable her laissez-faire attitude. Nonetheless, she believes she has far more going on in her life than who is in her bed. That is exactly how it should be.
cara kissing girl
Being gay is no longer a fashion trend. At one point, from the aid of Gok Wan, being ‘gay’ was considered cool and liberating, and having that ‘gay best friend’ was almost a compulsive accessory. Nowadays, it is starting to become more relaxed. My gay friends don’t care about hanging out at gay clubs any more, it is more my straight friends that want to head over to canal street and participate in gay pride.

It is a change, reflective of how attitudes of ‘coming out’ are altering. Tom Daley’s popularity soared through the roof with the airing of his YouTube video. Come on guys, how homophobic can you be? Shouldn’t we implore him for his Olympic medal and sporting success? The most important thing we should offer people is not a gay role model, it should be a role model who just happens to be gay. Lesbihonest, I know I wouldn’t want my sexuality being the most interesting thing about me, surely I am more interesting than that?

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