NFL Vote on Relocation to Los Angeles is Approaching

October 15, 2015 6:27 pm

Following a recent League Fall meeting with NFL owners, Commissioner Roger Goodell stepped to the podium to address the press. The main topic on everyone’s mind in the possibility of relocating an NFL franchise into Los Angeles. While it might seem like a real no-brainer for the NFL to place a team in the #2 market (behind only New York) in the nation, there is several details that need to addressed before it can come to pass. As it stands, Goodell believes there a chance a vote on the issue could be held as early as January 2016. The technical part of relocation is no problem as all they need to do is contact NZ Van Lines to agree the expected relocation date. The rest will be done by the moving company.


The two main considerations at this point in time would be selecting and approving one of two stadium plans and then determining which one of three possible franchises would be making the move. It worth noting that any discussions about putting an expansion team in Los Angeles have been nixed as most of the NFL owners have made it clear they are not interested in adding teams to the league now or in the near future. 

Both Goodell and the owners feel they have two solid stadium plans that have been presented before the group. One of the stadium deals is targeting the Carson area with $1.7 billion price tag. The other plan for Inglewood has been put together by St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke who has had difficulty getting a viable stadium deal in St. Louis. However, it was also just announced that Enterprise Holdings, the parent company of National Car Rental, was ready to sign a $158 million, 20-year “naming rights” deal if a stadium is built in the St. Louis area.

Aside from the Rams, the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders are the other two teams that are considering relocation. What all three teams have in common is an inability to get the necessary support for a new stadium in the teams current home base. NFL Fans will note that both the Raiders and the Rams have a prior relationship with Los Angeles. The Raiders played in the old Los Angeles Coliseum from 1983-1994 and the Rams played in the area from 1946-1994 before moving to St. Louis.

The process of selecting which team will be chosen to be moved is a lot more complicated that one might imagine. As part of his statement to the press, Goodell stated “I think the ownership was very thoughtful today. They expressed, obviously, a great deal of concern for the community where these teams are playing now, wanting to continue to be there and be successful long term but also recognizing that we need to find long-term solutions here.” He then added “I think there’s also interest in being back in the entertainment capital of the world. But we have to do that right.”

The NFL’s process for relocation of teams is well-documented. All the Is have to be dotted and the Ts have to be crossed before anything will be allowed to take place. What NFL fans in Los Angeles know is the time has come for the city to get back into the NFL. Currently, the city supports two NBA basketball teams (Lakers and Clippers), one NHL franchise (the Kings), one MLS soccer team (The Galaxy) and two MLB teams (the Angels of Anaheim and the Dodgers). The league has long been criticized for not supporting a team in Los Angeles despite the fact fans have been calling for one since the Rams left the area in 1994.

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