Motorcycle Maintenance For Winter – Simple Tips

January 2, 2019 3:37 pm

Motorcycles, while absolutely marvellous pieces of engineering, do require extended maintenance from year to year to ensure they’re functioning at their best. While they can be extremely fun to drive and safe if you know what you’re doing, they of course have less driving versatility than cars, especially when it comes to the safety of seasonal traversal. Thankfully, finding great motorcycle maintenance for winter can be more than possible, provided you are willing to take care of a few simple steps. This can keep you safe, help you experience winter driving in the safest manner possible, and generally ensure that you remain a wise and reliable user of the roads.

Thankfully, taking into account the following attitudes can often help you thrive in the best manner possible, and these will all be laid out below:


Simply choosing not to drive your motorcycle can be the best choice in the first place. This can be a tough pill to swallow, and trust us, a tough piece of advice to give. However, road conditions can often mean that risking your life is simply not worth this kind of danger at this time of year, especially not cresting into the new year whatsoever. Motorcycles deserve to be cared for, to be loved, and to be put away in motorbike storage when the conditions simply do not warrant their use. This can not only save you money in extended maintenance cost and oiling each day, but also save you time, pain and emotional trauma when something goes wrong on the roads. Of course, we’re not suggesting this WILL happen to you, but it’s better safe than sorry. In a matter of a month or perhaps a few weeks, coming back to the motorcycle will be a grand day to look forward to.


Keep up on your manual. Read both owners manuals and the general motorcycle maintenance guide you utilize. Look for discrepancies. Try to find the best fit for your machine, or ask online if not sure. Caring for your motorcycle is important, but sometimes different bodies require different applications of oil, require different heating periods before setting off, and function better with different tyres. All of this can contribute to the daily comfort and worthwhile nature of your personal efforts with your vehicle, and could help you enjoy winter driving with much more safety from the get go. Don’t be afraid to consult the professionals at your local garage.

Winter Protective Gear

Consider the condition of your winter gear. Will it protect you from a fall? Are your hands covered, or do you use fingerless gloves when riding? Remember how cold ice winds can be. Is your helmet at all open to the elements? What about your glasses? Might it be more appropaite to use a safety visor rather than simple shades? All of this matters when dealing with the cold, because any resistance you will feel much more of, so be sure to make this one of your main priorities as you learn to interact with your vehicle at this time of year.

With these tips, you’re sure to implement the correct winter motorcycle maintenance.

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