Make Sure Your Tech Doesn’t Get Too Big For You

April 18, 2017 9:58 pm

When we talk tech, we’re talking about every way you implement digital solutions into your business. There’s a lot that the right hardware and software have to offer your business. Data that can offer greater insights on not just your customers but your team. Software that can improve productivity and reduce busywork. A means to connect employees from all over. But if you focus too much on investing in new tech without properly preparing the business, it can outgrow you.

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Make it work for your team

There’s nothing worse than a highly-digitized office with a bunch of people who aren’t technically literate enough to use the equipment they’re expected to. Even people who consider themselves literate by today’s standards will feel challenged by software with a new method for a new purpose. When you introduce new technology to your business, you had better be prepared to introduce a system of training your staff to use it as well. Internalise what you teach and turn it into sticky information so it remains easy to teach new entrants as well. You can’t expect everyone, even those in your industry doing similar things to you, to be familiar with your specific tech setup for handling their workload.


Get experts involved in implementation

Implementing new tech solutions is about more than just getting the team comfortable with it, as well. In the world of business, software and hardware have the potential to talk to each other a lot more often. Data must be shared between all kinds of devices. Then it can move from software designed for one purpose to something entirely different. If you’re trying the big data approach, then it all feeds into a central system. If you don’t get your new improvements like new software suite installation and data centre implementation handled by experts like data centre designers then you can expect to not have the connected super-system that could change how you do business. Instead, you’ll have a bunch of separate systems relying on your team to act as middlemen to get the full picture.


Be prepared to keep up

Old technology isn’t just outdated. It can be a real danger to the business. Not only might they have to rely on old operating systems that aren’t equipped to handle the latest security threats. They are at more and more risk of breaking down and causing a severe decrease in the kind of productivity you expect to see from your system. When you start upgrading the tech in your business, be prepared to upgrade all of it, not just a part. Audit out the oldest and most incompatible pieces of hardware and software. If you’ve held onto them that long, it’s safe to say you’ve got your investment’s worth out of them.


Fail to scale the business with the tech and you’re not only wasting money but you’re missing a terrific opportunity. Make sure you have the method to go with the madness or it will quickly become a confusing nightmare for the employees who have no idea how to handle it.

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