Is That Frankencar, Or Just Your Badly Done Up Second-Hand Vehicle?

August 16, 2018 3:23 pm

In a world where new vehicles cost more than the average yearly wage, the majority of us have no choice but to settle for second-hand cars. How else can we get on the road before we reach retirement age? This is one of those needs-must situations which we all have to put up with.

But, when you get down to it, second-hand vehicle ownership isn’t that bad. Cars have such a fast turnover that you can get a pretty decent model for half the price just years after release. All you need to do is shop around. And, with internet selling now reaching peak success, that’s easier than ever before.

Still, when your new-old car lands in your garage, it’s natural you should want to embark on a few improvements. After all, second-hand cars often don’t come in the best condition. There may be chipped paint or dented panels. It may even be that you got a cheap deal which needs a little engine attention. Either way, you’ll want to improve things as soon as possible.

Sadly, rushed second-hand improvements can leave your vehicle looking a little Frakensteinesque. Why? Because we often feel we have no other choice but to opt for quick fixes. In truth, though, there’s no reason you have to mutilate your car to improve it. All you need to do, instead, is consider the following pointers.


Look out for manufacturer specific parts

You may feel tempted to buy any old scrap part to replace dented panels. In truth, though, this is a prime crime of Frankencar kind. Cheap parts may do the job, but they won’t be a perfect fit. As such, that new door may sit strangely in the frame. That hybrid petrol cap might look slightly out of place. What’s more, these parts may have a short life, and thus not save you anything. Instead, seek second-hand parts from your car manufacturer. If you just got a Honda Jazz, look out for Honda spares in the coming weeks. Treat your Ford Fiesta to a few Ford specialities. It’s a small step, but it can go a considerable way towards ensuring additions and alterations look the part.

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Colour match

Car paint colours vary a great deal. As such, there’s a good chance any old second-hand part will be off-colour compared to your bodywork. To make sure that doesn’t happen, take your vehicle to a garage for a colour match. Most garages can determine exactly which shade of paint is on your car. And, that allows you to search for matching parts.

Consider new models during customisation

The chances are that you’ll also want to customise your car. But, sticking the latest tech on the dashboard of an old banger might not look great. Instead, look to new models of your vehicle. In most cases, new releases include tech advancements on old models. And, by looking at how the pros have updated, you can achieve the same benefits without overdoing things. No more Frankencar for you!

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