The Importance of Cancer Support

August 30, 2013 3:09 pm

Cancer is a dreaded word and to some extent a taboo, yet during our lives it’s something we will all have to face in some way, shape or form.


With more than 200 known types of cancer and people being diagnosed every two minutes, this aggressive disease affects the lives of so many and whatever your lifestyle, it does not discriminate.

Over recent decades, mortality rates have improved through advances in research, technology and medicine, however, there are still seemingly countless cases where people are unable to pull through and it is vital that in these situations, those coming to the end of their lives are given the best care possible.

Pioneering charities such as Marie Curie provide specialist care and support for those who wish to remain at home during the final stages of their life and in addition to offering a dedicated nursing service, lend all-important emotional support to suffers, often overnight.

Marie-Curi-Cancer-Care1252051597Eventually there will be a cure, but until that day comes it is extremely important to give those with cancer and their families help in their time of need, and by supporting Marie Curie and other like-minded charities, we can all do something to give people the respect and dignity they deserve when it really matters.

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