Identifying Missing Elements To Your Dogs Nutrition

July 21, 2012 4:57 pm

A healthy dog will be a happy dog.

Is your dog’s coat looking dull, tatty and matted? Is your dog’s sad looking coat causing you to worry about his or her overall health? Sometimes the simple things can often provide the most effective benefits and in the case of the health of your dog, grooming is one of these simple measures that can yield big results.

Dogs’ health is reflected in the kind of odour it produces from the body. This problem is most often associated to the eating habits your pet has. Always remember to feed your pet with oil-free and nutrient-rich food as this will prevent any excess oil from sticking to its body and if you want to know where you can find this type of healthy products for your dog, then do read the bark box reviews 2019 and see for yourself how their products can improve the health of your dog. Make sure to read the dog product reviews before buying any food for your dog, as its health entirely depends on what you feed it.

You should be able to spot when your dog is not feeling well or not being its normal self, which becomes easier as you learn how it behaves in normal health and in a happy state. It is important to spend time with your dog to ensure its happiness and so you easily pick up on the tell-tale signs it will give that it isn’t feeling well. After ascertaining that he is ill, you should take your pet to a good vet. It is recommended that you remain updated on dog health issues and you should be able to diagnose minor ailments and administer appropriate remedies –keep medicines for common dog diseases and infections like worms, fleas, coughing and mange.

Good dog health care requires watching for behavioural changes like loss of energy and appetite or elimination problems. Examine your dog’s eyes, they should be bright and clear but be aware in older dogs the lens may be pale. Although your dog’s nose should be moist and cool most of the time, a dry warm nose does not always mean fever. Feel your dog’s body and limbs for lumps or soreness, watch that bowel movements are regular and well-formed and urine is clear, ensure your dog’s coat is shiny and sheds normally.

A good diet will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Some of the best sources of vitamins for dogs are readymade supplements that are enriched in all the vital nutrients essential for your pet’s healthy being. However, this aside, good home-cooked food is one of the best sources for vitamins.

Prevention and early diagnosis are the two ways to give your dog the best chance for a long, healthy life. Always pay attention to your dog’s behaviour and never take a ‘wait and see’ approach; if you feel that something may be wrong with your dog, have a veterinarian look at the dog immediately.

Finally, there is one very popular question to answer; ‘Can my dog catch my flu?’ While it does not appear that dogs can catch the flu from humans, they certainly can catch the dog strain from each other. Dog flu is a dog health condition that tends to make the rounds among canines, very similar to the way human flu strains get around.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is never to ignore the little things and to take simple steps every day to ensure your pet is a happy one.


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