Game of Thrones: I am the shield that guards the realms of men

July 19, 2014 9:50 am

It seems so long ago now, but back in 2011, who would have thought that George R.R. Martin’s A Game Of Thrones, commonly known as A Song of Ice and Fire,  would completely take the world by storm?

With season four  finished there is no denying that the series is undoubtedly successful. Each season we have followed every character, both good and bad, to their freedoms and untimely deaths and watched as others became stronger than before and developed into kings and queens of the seven kingdoms.Game-of-Thrones-Characters

It would be fair to say that Martin is a genius for creating such a vivid and realistic world that we all may believe exists. Being a huge fan of both the books and the television show I must say that HBO has done a fantastic job with bringing Westeros to life. So much hard work and a massive amount of brain wracking must have been present to bring Martin’s world to the small screen.

It was originally said that the books were set to become a film but after great construction of the project it was found to be too big of a challenge to adapt for the silver screen; especially with its constant changing time scales and events that take place at the same time as another only in a different parts of the world. So to keep the idea alive a TV show was mentioned hence four years later and four seasons in  Game of Thrones is a world wide phenom all of its own.

The shows creators, David Beinoff and D. B. Weiss, worked very closely with  Martin to secure the importance of certain matters within the books so that the show could elaborate more on an already imaginative plot line.

The idea for  A Game of Thrones to become a small screen adaptation was pitched back in 2006 when Weiss and Beinoff completed  the first novel and instantly became hooked on the idea of turning it into a television programme. When the show’s creators got in touch with Martin and pitched their idea to him it was a hard task to convince this veteran of pen to let them bring  A Game of Thrones to life. After 5 long grueling hours of the battling of the tongues, Weiss and Beinoff won over the author with the one question that we are all dying to know the answer to. Who is Jon Snows mother? We need to know.

So with Martin’s permission efb7_got_full_world_map_posterGame of Thrones was a go and has now turned into a fantastic medieval creation of a fictional universe that we all throw ourselves into every night. The acting is superb; breathing life into those pages that hold so much truth and lies. We all cannot help ourselves as we anticipate the next move of those who we follow with so much dedication.

Overall Game of Thrones is a huge blessing since Lord of the Rings. What helps more is the simple fact that we can relate and feel every emotion that the characters are witnessing and feeling as they progress throughout the years.

So for now as we sit tight eagerly awaiting the next season and novel. Sit tight and keep the faith. “Winter is coming”.

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