How to Stay Fit While Doing a Desk Job?

October 9, 2017 8:58 pm

If you do a desk job you on an average base you sit over 9 hours a day;the freelancers will agree with me that they sit more than 12 house a day in front of their computers. This is causing to health problems like diabetes, heart disease, diabetes and obesity among the young professionals.

Most of us get sicker and heavier while doing full-time desk jobs. Are you finding a way to stay fit while doing an office job? If Yes, below you will know some effective ideas to keep your job and stay fit.

The below-shared ways are from the productivity experts the trainers to stay in good shape. The best idea to stay fit is understanding the gym qualifications and join a gym to spend some hours. However, if you don’t have enough time for gym keep reading…

Do Walking Meetings

If you have to spend some of your daytime in meeting that does not require paperwork you can convert the meeting into awalking meeting. It is simple just keep walking in your office block with your partner and keep discussing things with them.

Susan Rose is a famous coach of business professionals says she keep walking around her office during her work. She added,

“When I got a phone call from my client, I stand out to pick the call and again sit down to take notes. While doing group calls, I keep the notes in my hand and stay sand in thewhole conversation. It not only helps me stay fit but also keep me alert and I do project better.”

Perform Group exercise

If you have some colleagues who are facing some weight gain issues, try to get them agreed on group exercise. All of you can team up and do some healthy activities like simple workouts during the break time.

Gold wag says, “Answerability and enthusiasm by having healthy competition helpall of us to get moving.”

She suggested to convert lunch break into walks, or the colleagues can participate inburpee challenge. It is simple, in such challenges you all have to do 10 burpees before lunch.

There are several websites like My Fitness Plan can help you track your office workouts and put a healthy challenging environment. In which the winner can be awarded a healthy food like salad.

Use Adjustable Desks

Being an office worker we all have a desk to perform our duties, just convert your office desk into an adjustable desk where you can work even while standing. You can set some hours of your work while sitting and sometimes you can work while standing.

“it’s going to be exciting to work on an adjustable desk, so you won’t have to spend more time in the gym by the start or end of the day. It will not only keep you stay fit but also enhance your productivity and motivated to perform your daily office tasks.

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