How to Light Your Home without Making Poor Choices

March 26, 2019 9:12 pm

The importance of proper home lighting cannot be stressed upon enough and yet, homeowners often end up not paying this aspect of the internal décor as much attention as they should. Many people believe that painting walls in light colors is enough. This definitely helps, but this is not all that can be done. Check out for a reputable painting company. Improper lighting can make a large living room seem small and cramped, while proper lighting can make even a comparatively small living space feel more comfortable and spacious. On the other hand, poor bedroom lights can end up hampering your sleep and health, without you ever coming to realize what’s causing it. Therefore, the following few points should help homeowners avoid certain common mistakes and invest their hard-earned money in better lighting.

Don’t Be Ignorant of Your Options in Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights come in so many shapes, sizes and patterns these days that making a choice without even checking out all your options first is a mistake that you will greatly regret afterwards. There are a range of led ceiling lights on this site called, which includes all the latest and classic models from simple LED ceiling lamps and dimmable LED panels, to extraordinary designs like the artistic B-Leuchten Sissi or the futuristic Yael from Lampenwelt. has options for every room, décor, mood and personality, so go through all the sections and check your options out before making a purchase decision. In fact, this applies to all types of indoor and outdoor lights, even when you are looking for something else other than led ceiling lights since has a wide selection of lights in every category of functional and decorative lighting.

Make Sure You are Not Getting the Size Wrong

An oversized lamp doesn’t quite have the same effect on décor as oversized paintings do. Instead, they end up making the space feel too small and too bright for comfort. A dimmer switch will help with the brightness control, but it will still look out of place.

Similarly, if you get lights that are way too small or underpowered for the space they are supposed to illuminate, things will look instantly gloomy. This can be fixed by adding more lights to the area, or by replacing the misfits with bigger and brighter lights, of course.

Take Time to Understand the Importance of Layering Lights

The bigger the space is, the more important it is to have more light sources than just one or two big, bright lights. For example, the kitchen often ends up with dark corners because it has so much storage space and contours in the very architecture. Utilize ambient, accent, and task lights intelligently in the kitchen to light up every corner of the room and cabinets, whenever you need to. The same rule applies to other rooms as well because having just one type or source of light in any room is probably going to end up being a horrible choice. It will lead to dark spaces, unequal lighting, and will make your house look less splendid than it is.

Ambient Ceiling Lights Need to be Complimented

Consider this tip to be more of an extension of the previous one, where we discussed the importance of understanding how light layering works. Ambient ceiling lights look beautiful, but unless they are supplemented by other light sources such as floor lamps or even recessed wall fixtures that allow the light from them to bounce off the walls and illuminate the room, the effect will still either be gloomy or too bright with dark spaces in between.

Don’t Ignore the Effect On Your Overall Décor

Lights are meant to bring objects into view, so if you have a piece of art or a photo wall, be sure to highlight it with task lights.

If the colour of the lights changes the colour of the paint on your walls and ceiling every time you turn them on, you cannot have that, unless it was planned in that way. The idea is to never let your lighting clash with the overall interior décor of the room.

Dimmers are a Must

Whether you are still using CFL bulbs for some reason, or the latest LED lights, dimmers are a must-have for every home. What dimmers do is give you power over the luminosity of the artificial lighting in your rooms, allowing you to set them as you see fit, according to the need and mood of the time. Not to mention, keeping your lights at a lower brightness will end up shaving a bit off your electricity bills.

Unfortunately, a good number of homeowners in the UK still do not yet realize the kind of impact that lighting can have on not just the room’s décor, but also on the moods of the people in the room. If you were one of them yourself, rest assured that the first time you get your lighting right in any room, the results are guaranteed to give you a pleasant surprise.

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