How to break a handcuff

August 17, 2016 3:15 pm

We don’t really need to know how to break a handcuff. Why would we ever be in such a situation? Yes, this is the kind of information that is a must have, especially if you are in the armed forces. A handcuff may look like an ‘impossible’ thing to break, but the truth is that you can get out of it without a key.

Anyone can escape from a handcuff by breaking the chain, using the torque and the upper body strength. A wire or bobby pin also works if you know how to use it. So without much ado, let’s read the trick:

Breaking the Chain by Using Torque

This technique works best if the hands are tied in front and not back, because this way you have more space to move your hands The technique is quite simple and works on even rigid handcuffs but the results depend on how effectively and smartly you practice it. Follow these steps one after another:

  • Rough the metal through anything that increases the friction in the links. Dirt can be helpful to absorb oil and let the chains bind up; you can also use any other surface that roughs up the links.
  • At the rotation pin, stuff either side of holes with anything that you can get in there in order to lockup the chains.
  • Now carefully rotate the chains until the two links are entangled because you need to torque only two if you entangle three, this can hurt your wrist during the next step.
  • Position your hands in prayer form.
  • Now move your hands past each other as fast as you can with strength to snap the metal, this movement will apply the required physical tension on metal links.
  • Your hands are separate again but the cuffs are still there, but you’re good to go for as long as you are free.

Using Wire or Bobby Pin

To try this trick all you need to have a bobby pin or a wire similar to the pin. Remember, the lock on handcuffs is not difficult to open with a bobby pin, and works just like the deadbolt of your front door. Follow these steps to slip out of a handcuff using bobby pin.

  • The bobby pin is not ready to use right away, unbend the pin until it forms a right angle, which is easy to use.
  • Take help from pliers or the keyhole of the handcuffs to bend the straight tip of bobby pin into ‘L shape’.
  • Hold the pin from the right-angled corner and slip L shaped tip or end of the pin inside the thin part of the keyhole.
  • Now press down the pin and rotate the pick in the slot.
  • The lock must pop open after a couple of tries.


There, you have it!

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