Holiday to Horror

September 2, 2013 2:22 pm

Trouble in paradise is just one of the phrases that springs to mind after reading about the most recent tragic events that have occurred in Magaluf this month. The once popular British tourist destination is now a dreaded nightmare for parents as the party central island has become a hot spot for trouble.

At the beginning of this month we were given the tragic news that teenager Thomas Ousby, just 19 fell to his death from the top floor of the four star Hotel Atlantic Park in Magaluf. Last month also saw young adult Sean Kelly, 24, survive a 70ft fall after he climbed from one seventh floor balcony to another within hours of arriving in the resort.

Is it just the teenage kids that are causing the trouble or is the place partly to blame? Should parents be allowing their children to go to Magaluf, is it safe enough anymore? Small groups of young adults going on holiday together for a week of boozing and partying could be coming to a close.

It poses the question does the age limit need to be raised on who can stay on the resort without parental guidance? Are teenagers mature enough to be safe while on holiday? Yet age is not the main concern anymore. While it is easy to shrug off the trouble occurring and placing the blame on reckless teenagers, a father of three Craig Knapp died in Magaluf last month after falling from a tenth floor balcony. It clearly cannot be purely teenage antics which lead to trouble. Even quoted in the article     “renowned for its nightlife”    leads you to believe the danger is not based on individuals, but the place they are visiting.

Magaluf Partygoers

Can alcohol be the sole problem? Are the resort staffs entirely capable of controlling situations when they reach a dangerous high?

In Turkey this year British teen Dwayne Ward, 17,  was stabbed after ‘kissing a Turkish girl’. He was enjoying life being a kid when locals approached and attacked him, leaving him for dead. Luckily, he survived the terrible ordeal. It was not his age or the fact he could have been drinking, purely down to the locals of that area being protective of people living in their area, does this not make the area too dangerous to be a holiday destination?

It is not just Magaluf that is becoming out of control. Other party central places like Malia are also being given shocking reviews with noting that 3 girls in a week were raped by local men. Not only is alcohol a problem with ambulances and police officers being called out every night to stop riots occurring (add article) but now there is a fear of what happens if girls get too intoxicated and are left on their own?

I want to know what can anyone do to prevent these horrors from occurring. The most popular party islands are becoming the most dangerous and reckless places for British Tourists, how can we resolve this without complete resort shut down.

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