Great Options for Longer Lashes

November 25, 2014 3:51 pm

Are you worrying about using using eye cosmetics like extensions or enhancement supplements? This piece of news could set your doubts to rest. The FDA states that eye cosmetics are generally safe. It depends on how carefully you use them. Damage is generally caused by inappropriate applications, harsh adhesives and additives. As long as you keep the hygiene factors in mind and follow usage directions, the use of these products is safe for your eyes. For this, choosing your eye cosmetics carefully is extremely important.


Try Extensions for the Fastest Results

Extensions are ideal for you if you are seeking immediate results for a party, event and gathering. And just because you have opted for fake eyelashes does not mean the look would be fake too! These lashes will not have to be removed before going to bed every day. Go through reviews on popular enhancement review sites like Lash Serum Reviews to read about the most amazing eyelash extension kits that can be used on your own, with ease. The Novalash Kit is one such option to look at.

A Self Sufficient Kit for Attaching Lashes with Ease

The Novalash Kit has made a name for quality extensions. They are safe, purely natural, easy to apply and completely comfortable. Many awards can be credited to its name. When you procure the complete kit, it gives you everything you need to get started and achieve long lashes. Included in the kit are two bottles of sensitive and hypoallergenic glue, a parafilm, two sets of natural lashes, a vinyl pad, an adhesive remover, a medical tape, mascara brushes and micro brushes, scissors, mini fan, under eye stickers, forceps, both straight and curved, and even a training DVD. Although extensions are best applied by professionals, if you do not have the time to visit a professional or wish to get longer lashes on a budget, you may attempt fixing lashes with this set of apparatus. Watch the training VCD once or even twice if you need to and start getting lush lashes that turn heads.

Using Serums and Conditioners for Longer Term Results

Seeking enhancements for your lashes does not have to be about eyelash extension kits or eyelash extension supplements alone! If you are looking at simpler ways to bring about holistic improvements in the appearance of your lashes, serums and eyelash conditioners are also great options to consider. You can pin your hopes on a trusted formulation like NutraLuxeLash MD available on, which is a conditioner that provides the lash follicles with the nutrients they need for growth, including Vitamin B5, Panthenol and Vitamin A and Vitamin E. The effective ingredients of this compound fuel eyelash growth and enhance volume and softness in a matter of six weeks. If you are using conditioners for the first time, it is important to know that you need to apply it as a thin film like eyeliner. You need to apply it at night and leave it on for realizing the benefits. A small quantity should be applied and use should be discontinued in case of any irritation or discomfort, which is extremely rare.

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