Gothic: why the hate?

July 18, 2014 9:50 am

There is no denying that the Gothic subculture has taken the world for a wild ride over the years. Changing from generation to generation, the alternative culture is one full of secrets and mystery.

Yet why the hate? Being Gothic is an expression just as creating a magnificently beautiful piece of art is an expression. What is the difference in one painting they’re life down on a blank canvas to one painting their face with beautiful intricate designs?

In my opinion there is no difference,  there is only a different manner of showing a persons creativity and that is what it is creativity; a strong word but a necessary one.

I first delved into the “dark delights” of the Gothic subculture at the age of fourteen. Being young and very intrigued by this lifestyle, I sensed straight away that I would be happy taking such a path. Do not get me wrong my family was devastated by my decision, stating bluntly “I was such a pretty girl so why am I ruining myself with such horrible attire?”
Well the answer is simple, I like the the opposite side of life. I am enthralled and in awe with the paranormal and the unknown. I see life differently to others and accept that not everyone is going to understand my life

Does that make me arrogant because of my choice? No; it doesn’t. Does my choice harm others around me? No. Would I use my beliefs to be in peoples faces? No; of course not. I am a firm believer of freedom of speech everyone is entitled to an opinion but there are some who use their words to cut like a knife and deliberately hurt those who are doing no wrong.

Admittedly I know how daunting the “black uniform” can look when you are an outsider looking in. That is when the nasty assumptions begin to arise; whispering obscenities like devil worshiper or witch. I myself have had to deal with this and I can tell you from experience that it is hurtful and pathetic.

There is already so much conflict in the world, why do we need anymore?

Have we all forgotten about the terrible incident that occurred back in 2007 with the young Gothic girl and her boyfriend who got beat to death for being a Goth and choosing to live an alternative lifestyle? Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend did no harm to society, yet society rejected them and it ultimately ended with her death. It’s such a shame that our world has come to this. I am well aware that we can never change the world or its people but if there is a slight chance for it to be prevented then why shouldn’t we try?

Instead of hating on a culture that you know little about, why doesn’t society be a little more open minded?

Remember that there is good and bad everywhere; it doesn’t depend on what clothes you wear.

Do not judge a book by its cover until you have read its pages.

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