GO HARD OR GO HOME: The rise of CrossFit exercise

April 28, 2014 3:55 pm

Liverpool Fitness Coach spreads the word of a stereotype breaking, health enhancing fitness revolution.

Matthew Green, Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Liverpool, discovered his love for the sport through working in the fire brigade and decided to transform his career path.

CrossFit is a clinically tested fitness method often practiced within Military bases. The strength-based programme founded by Greg Glassman in 2000 is developed in communities in more than 6,000 gyms around the world.

“The idea behind CrossFit is that it is universally scalable to anybody, so we can take your Grandparents and take Olympic athletes and pitch them together in the same workout.”

IMG_4382The ex-diabetes researcher began his passion through the online CrossFit community, taking part in ‘Workouts of the day,’ otherwise known as ‘WODs.’

Now classed as a CrossFit athlete, Matthew has a respectful reputation within the social-media based sport and posts progress on his blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on behalf of his community-built gym.

He comments: “CrossFit training experiences the best of both worlds, helping to develop an athletic body rather than muscle powered by toning through weight exercises.”

“The sport can be done as part of a mixed sex class or individually with a trainer for those with specific personal goals. It is very catered.”

“Our gradual techniques have improved symptoms of celiac disease and arthritis in some of our clients which is incredible to witness.”

Training is versatile, practiced both indoor and outdoor and can be adapted to busy schedules.

Matthew comments: “Groups of both male and female come in with work colleagues on their lunch hour for a 20-minute session, each burning up to 500 calories.”

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cross fitThe CrossFit trainer is often confronted by a stereotype of weight training dramatically increasing the build of women, which is something that is challenged within the world of CrossFit.

He comments: “We teach athletics before aesthetics. Women that worry about weights making them big need to teach me how to bulk up! It just doesn’t happen overnight.”

CrossFit client Elizabeth Wall, Bootcamp coach at ‘LixWall PT’ Personal training, explains that these techniques have furthered her fitness knowledge and helped her feel “stronger and incredibly independent.”

After losing four dress sizes with healthy eating, high intensity training has helped her sculpt and strengthen her physique, gaining “incredible results” for her clients in adopting new techniques.

Elizabeth commented: “People get stronger, they get leaner, they get more motivated, they want to eat right, they feel happier, depression is decreased because they’re releasing serotonin and those endorphins through exercise, plus meeting people and just getting out the house – I’ve found that it’s all encompassing, it really hits peoples lives.”

The trainer also proudly explains that over 95% of her Bootcamp clients are female, completing the same military-exercise as the males, which she considers a “barrier-breaker.”

The age-range of clients is also something the trainer is proud of, “mothers bring their children and children bring their mothers. I’ve introduced my 60-year-old mother to it and her health benefits are endless!” Elizabeth said.

The psychology graduate claims the incorporation of CrossFit movements into her Bootcamp training has inspired her clients to dismiss a class mentality, adopting an open-minded approach to their exercise regime and experiencing endless benefits.

crossfitJulie Somerhalder, 42-year-old Bootcamp client comments: “Years ago fitness for women was attending classes like step aerobics but now, even though it can be really difficult, I definitely concentrate on the aspects of body strength, endurance and definition.”


CrossFit gyms are gradually becoming available in more areas of the UK, yet techniques have shown to be adopted independently.

James Griffiths, Athlete and Personal Trainer at LA Fitness branch, comments: “Although the CrossFit methods bring the possibility of injury in using explosive movements, the fitness and power gains have convinced me to use the technique into my gym classes.

“It is a breath of fresh air to the fitness industry.” He adds.

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