Giving Up Your Business: Handling The Transition From Entrepreneur To Employee

February 26, 2019 4:05 pm
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CLet’s face it – Owning a business is tough, and it definitely isn’t for everyone. Even the best business ideas out there can sometimes not work out. In fact, this happens more times than it doesn’t. If you’ve decided that your venture has run its course, whatever your reason for this is, it can be a challenge to move on. What’s worse is the daunting idea of getting back into the job market. To help you make your transition from entrepreneur to employee, here are six useful tips.

1. Put Yourself Out There

Knowing the right people can definitely be a benefit when it comes to landing a new job. Thankfully, in your time as a business owner, you should have made a connection or two that can help you in your current situation. Now is the time to put yourself out there and ask these individuals for their advice and support. While doing this, ensure you also keep networking too.

2. Work On Your Resume

After spending so long in your own employment, it’s going to have been a while since you had to update your resume. When doing this, the question most past-entrepreneurs have is whether or not to write about their time as an entrepreneur. Thankfully, the answer to this is simple – Yes! Make sure you detail your experience thoroughly and explain how it benefits you as an employee.

3. Find The Right Role

Working for someone else doesn’t have to mean going back to a job that you hate. It is possible to find work that you enjoy and are passionate about. If you love football and other sports, for example, then there are sites out there that cater to you, including Jobs in Football. If you’re unsure of the type of work that you want to do, then try taking a personality test or career quiz.

4. Carefully Craft Your Story

The very first thing that most interviewers ask you is to tell them a little bit about yourself and your background. As someone that hasn’t been in this situation for a while, this could send you into a panic. To avoid this, you should carefully craft your story before heading to this important meeting. Make sure that you’re always truthful, of course, but try to highlight your successes.

5. Show Up On Time

You may have been working on your own clock for the past several years, but, if you want to impress now, then you need to make sure that you show up on time. In fact, try to show up a little early if possible. This shows that you’re a professional, and a keen one at that. You should also research the company that you’re hiring for so that you can dress to meet their dress code.

6. Prepare For The Changes

The differences between working for yourself and being an employee can be quite substantial. This can make your first few weeks and months in your new job quite tough. To make the transition smoother, you should prepare for these changes and find ways to adjust to them. For example, if you struggle to work with others around, try wearing headphones to block them out.

If you’re ditching entrepreneurship to become an employee again, the advice above should make the transition a little smoother.

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