Get Your Garden Set For Spring…

March 17, 2014 11:25 am

I don’t think anyone quite knows what is going on with the seasons… some places have been snowed in and freezing or severe floods while others have had hardly any winter like weather at all but with the daffodils on sale, a bit of sunshine trying to break through the rain and Easter not far away its looking like spring is hopefully on the horizon. Spring is a great time for cleaning and sorting everything out following the Christmas clutter but its also great for getting out and rearranging the garden until and unless you find a diseased tree in your garden due to the sudden shift in the season, as in that case, it’s better to get the tree removed. It is also a good idea to improve landscaping. Last spring I hired one of those landscaping companies near me and they did an amazing job. Here’s a few tips and ideas to get you started on what sometimes seems like an endless task;

 spring garden

Tidy it up…

A good start in the garden is always to give it a good old spring clean. Pick up and bin any rubbish that’s collected over the winter months, rake up any leaves that have fallen and neaten up those lawn borders with a pair of sharp gardening scissors and you’ll really notice the difference. Its also a really good idea to keep the leaves and grass cuttings on a compost heap or to mulch it down to use next year.

Look after your lawn…

A finishing touch to tidying up the garden is to simply mow the lawn on a dry day. If it’s in need of some attention it might be worth using a liquid feed to give it the food it needs to be healthy and try planting some grass seeds if its looking patchy. You can also get assistance from Galvin Tree Cutting if you are planning to get rid of any trees from your yard. And some beautifying elements to the garden like some CMH kits would do great in increasing the charm of the place. 

Spruce up the woodwork…

After another battering autumn and winter its always worth checking over things like fences and sheds seeing if there are any repairs to be done. I know my moms fence is now missing a panel due to the weather which is never good if you’ve got a pet to keep in or inquisitive young children that will be out in the garden during the warmer months so the sooner it can be fixed the better. Your garden will definitely benefit from sanding and repainting fences and sheds too as I will give a fresh, clean look and some protection for the wood.

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Following these simple steps will give you a garden ready for summer that you can add to or improve to your hearts content. Remember to plant your flowers according to guidance at the right time of year and under the right conditions so they have the best chance at growing healthily. Happy gardening.

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