Four Ways To Get A Cool Tattoo

March 20, 2017 3:02 pm

Twenty first century has become one where having a tattoo is considered cool. Tattoos have become famous such that they are being categorized as part of modern art making it legal to pursue a course to learn more on how to go about it. Well if you are considering getting a tattoo then there are a few things that you need to learn in order to get yourself a good satisfying tattoo.

Choosing the best font for tattoo lettering.

Tattoo lettering enables you to design a tattoo of your choice using tattoo lettering styles and also by choosing a font of choice. There are thousands of fonts out there that you or a tattoo artist can use to come up with a good design. If you are considering maybe getting a lettered tattoo then you need to choose a font that brings out the message and which at the end is appealing to the eye. Let the font that you choose ensures the words of the message you need tattooed fits the assigned space and are clear and legible. Tattoo lettering can be a bit messy if not carefully done.

Get an artist good at tattoo lettering

Not all artist can do tattoo lettering, it’s like a calling in that not everyone good at drawing can do the writing on a skin as simple as it may seem. Do not let all the cool letters on the artist shop’s wall, fool you that might be not their real work and that is why checking the artist’s portfolio is important. Check their creativity and eligibility and only then can you go ahead with it.

Visit a text generator web site

Maybe going through a couple of tattoo fonts is a bit time consuming or hard to find that one font that can fulfil what you are exactly looking for. Visiting a text generating web site or having a text generator tool can help big time. All you have to do is write your text or message where according to instructions is supposed to be written then run it. This tool converts normal texts and its output is a beautiful text written in different tattoo fonts and all you have to do is chose the one that catches your eye and take it to your tattoo artist to have it inked on your skin or wherever else you want it used

How about an Avatar maker?

Probably you never thought of this before but yes it is an incredible tool that can help you come up with a cool lettered tattoo or image. You can use this tool to make Anime style avatars. If you are considering for example having a portrait tattooed, you can try making its avatar, the output will be an amazing graphical replica of the original portrait but more appealing. Then you can go ahead and have it tattooed on your place of preference. You can easily find many websites which offer creating free avatars.

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