~ Drunkard’s Aftermath ~

June 19, 2014 10:00 am

I don’t go to other place you know…
You’ll never see in a cup of tea,
The hate you feel always to deal,
A man from sky with wishful tie
To keep us alive in a spacious hive
That makes a bin almost clean…
And that is why there wanted I
A good family while having tea
Remind the past forgetting gust
Of serious odd that made us fraud…

Now t’is fine to see sun shine
After a rain of many more pain,
I always dream of a noise-free scream…
Wear a dress the vices to suppress
Never ever plan to keep you in span,
Never be a company of a sacrificed soul any
Now look! Don’t keep the diary book
Something wrong is in written song,
Never sing so, you love me though …

a p shishir

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