Don’t Let These Excuses Stop You Exercising

July 23, 2017 8:08 pm

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Regular exercise is important. But, of course, you already know that, right? Most of us are fully aware of the fact that exercise is great for us – we know it prolongs our lives and makes us happier – and yet the vast majority of us aren’t getting anywhere near the amount of exercise we need.

So what gives? Why aren’t we putting more focus on exercise? After all, not exercising poses so many risks. In the long-term, a lack of exercise can turn out to be very dangerous. You know the severe signs of aging and the severely reduced mobility that you often associate with the elderly? Well, there are plenty of people over the age of sixty who look great and are still very mobile indeed. All those negative things you generally associate with old age are largely the result of unhealthy living over several decades.

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When you ask someone why they’re not exercising, the chances are they’re going to give you one of the below excuses (or, even more likely, a mix of several of them!). But excuses are bad. You need to get rid of them. The vast majority of people can get enough exercise in their lives, regardless of their circumstances. Here are the most common excuses that you need to dismiss as soon as possible!

I don’t need to lose weight

When people think about exercise, they often think about the reasons that people exercise. And one of the most common reasons, of course, is weight loss. In fact, a lot of people seem to think that this is the only real purpose of exercise. What good is it if you’re already at a healthy weight?

The problem with this mindset, of course, is that a lot of the negatives that come with not exercising will affect you internally, without having to be accompanied by weight gain. Added stress, bad circulation, difficulty breathing later in life, and even lack of performance in more private matters can all be attributed to a lack of exercise. Don’t assume you’re already healthy enough to skip exercise!


I’m way too busy

This is probably the most common excuse when it comes to a lack of exercise, but the fact is that it’s largely bunk. It’s estimated that you should have at least half an hour of physical exercise a day. This can take many forms; as long as you get your muscles moving and your blood pumping, then you’re doing your body good. One thing to remember is that you don’t need to get this half-hour of exercise all at once. In fact, it can be beneficial to spread it out.

If you’re certain that you don’t have a full half an hour free each day (and, again, are you absolutely sure about that? Remember how important exercise is!), then consider exercising in bursts of ten minutes three times a day, or even for five minutes six times a day. It may not sound effective, but it really can do a world of good!


I’m not getting anywhere

There are actually people out there who used to exercise quite often, but found themselves on what we call a fitness plateau. Their performance didn’t seem to be improving. Maybe they weren’t losing the amount of weight they needed to lose. Perhaps their mood was still off, or their stamina was still weak, or they weren’t gaining any muscle. Whatever the specific case, they found the good exercise could do for them seemed to have reached some sort of peak. And so they fell out of the habit.

The problem here is generally the fact that they were either doing the wrong exercises in the first place or that they weren’t trying out new things and pushing themselves in new directions. That’s why it may be advisable to work with a professional when it comes to getting the exercise you need. Find someone with good personal training qualifications who can help guide you towards more effective exercise. Working with a nutritionist may also help if you need to lose weight or gain muscle, because what you eat affects the efficacy of your exercise in a lot of ways.


Exercise is boring

Some people can’t imagine their lives without exercise. When they wake up, it’s like Christmas morning every morning: they can do some stretches, put on some running shoes, get outside and go for a good run. They love it. It’s what they live for. For many others, however, exercise isn’t just gruelling – it’s boring.

This is an odd one, but people really do use it as an excuse. The simple act of running or lifting weights is something that bores them. One of the most obvious ways to tackle this is to listen to music while you exercise, which can help increase fun levels. But you could also consider listening to an audiobook while you exercise, which may feel more productive or entertaining. You should also look into exercises that are more thrilling, such as dancing or rowing. Heck, watch television while you lift weights or use a treadmill. There’s no law against entertaining yourself while you work out!

I don’t have the energy

We know that regular exercise can help increase your energy levels, but a lot of people wonder where people even get the energy in the first place! Thankfully, you’re not necessarily caught in a vicious cycle. There are plenty of ways to increase your energy levels without physical exercise.


First: get more sleep. Seriously. If you’re not getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night, then you’re robbing your body of important rest and recovery. You should also be careful with what you eat and drink; there are loads of foods out there that will suck up your energy. Leafy greens, whole grains, protein, carbs, cocoa – these are the foods you want. You should also make sure you’re taking your breaks at work. Your use of brain power at the office actually affects your physical energy levels, so don’t wear yourself out mentally!

It hurts!
…this is actually a pretty good excuse. You should resolve the problem before turning to a rigorous exercise regime!

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