Breaking Outside The Digital Boundaries Of Your Business

November 24, 2017 4:11 pm

If you look at the majority of marketing and branding advice offered today, it’s very clear where it’s all aimed and oriented. It’s all about online, online, and more online. It’s true the internet can provide you with a greater reach and visibility that other methods of marketing. But many businesses are forgetting the immediacy, the intimacy, and the power of the face-to-face and other traditional marketing methods. Web design and social can wait, let’s make sure you have a balanced approach to your brand.

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Make an appearance

Sometimes, you to have make a display of it all. When it comes to trade shows and industry expos, it’s one of your best chances to make a name for yourself. With a great display from teams like Open Exhibitions, the right teammates at your side, and a proactive approach to drawing people in, you can make a very visible appearance in the industry. That physical presence lends not only the chance to chat to potential customers and clients one by one. It lends the business a credibility that might be hard to maintain if it’s online-only.

Meet face-to-face

Networking takes the same appeal but move it to a more private, non-pressuring environment. By finding events with Eventbrite, you can meet both clients and potential business partners with an open mind and the opportunity to work on leads one-by-one, rather than taking a scattershot approach.

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The direct approach

The power of a sales team is still something to be seriously reckoned with, as well. Take time building and qualifying your leads. Find the people best fit to be an ambassador for your product, and let the power of personal charisma and a strong value proposition work its magic on potential clients. Make sure you have a tight relationship with your sales team, reviewing results, learning from them, and accepting feedback on how to let them better do their job.

Don’t underestimate the unexpected ad

We might spend more time looking at our phones nowadays, but plenty of us still roam the street or drive down the roads. We are constantly put in touch with marketing and if you have your brand in the right place, you can take advantage of that exposure. Billboard marketing from teams like Signkick and digital displays in city centres are a form of organic marketing that seeps into the subconscious of the consumer much more than you think. Having your brand physically represented in the world lends it a prestige, making it look like a bigger business, too.

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The snail keeps going

Interruptive marketing in the real world is a harder sell, but that doesn’t mean it’s less effective. Compared to its electronic counterpart, in fact, snail mail might actually work better. It’s not as readily trashed or automatically thrown into the junk pile. Even today, it proves to have one of the highest return on investments in traditional marketing.

As mentioned at the start of the article, it’s all about balance. You don’t have to abandon one form of marketing to engage in the other. Rather, they inform one another and ensure you have a brand that shines no matter which world it’s in.

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