Are Dental Implants Your Best Option?

September 15, 2016 1:58 pm

If you have been dealing with broken, damaged or even missing teeth for any length of time you already know how difficult and distressing it can be for you. You try to hide your smile because you worry people will see your teeth and how they look, you struggle at times to eat and chew properly and you simply do not feel good about yourself and the way you look because of the condition of your teeth. When you finally decide you are going to do something about it, it is important that you know what all of the options available to you are today. Changes in technology and medicine have made the notion of getting a tooth implant in Watford available to you, but is it the best option for you personally?


More Options than Standard Dentures

In the past, the only real solution for people that had missing or damaged teeth was to either go through lengthy dental repairs or to get dentures to replace the teeth that were in peril. Dentures are still available and can be a more affordable option for many people, but the problem is that dentures do not provide all of the same benefits you might get from the teeth implant Watford dentists can offer you today. Dentures were designed to be worn and removed so they can be cleaned properly and very often do not provide an exact, comfortable fit for people. This can make them difficult for you to wear for long periods of time during the day. It can also lead to them slipping out of place, causing food to get trapped underneath them or to slip from your mouth. Implants and Invisalign treatment with No Limits Dental are much safer as they are a more permanent option, getting anchored to your jawbone so they stay in place, look natural and get cleaned just like your other teeth.

Get One or Many

One of the best things about implants today is that implants can replace just a single tooth if needed. A cosmetic dentist can have a single tooth implant designed for you to match all of your other teeth and fit properly in place in your mouth. The implant can then be anchored into place, giving you a brand new tooth so you can look great, eat better and feel better. Choose Delaney Park Dental as they stay on the cutting edge of dentistry.

The only way to really learn if dental implants are the best option for you is to go to see a cosmetic dentist and get an exam. When you are looking for a dentist in Watford take the time to make an appointment with Novocare Dental. Dr. Oke has the experience and understanding you want to perform an evaluation and present you with the best options available to you for treatment so you can end up with the teeth you want.

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