A How To Guide For This Season’s Sickness

November 17, 2015 4:46 pm

Ah, Autumn. Parks covered with golden leaves, coffee shops introducing their winter drinks, and children playing happily with the shiny fallen conkers. What a beautiful time of year. That is, until the dreaded sneezing starts, followed by the painful tickly cough and swollen glands. Before you know it you’re stuck in bed with a cup of putrid Lemsip, remembering how wonderful life once was when you were able to breathe out of both nostrils.

It is officially the “I think something’s going around” season, and the time of year when half your office are calling in sick. If you’ve become a victim of this dreaded “something”, then read on for help with making it through this rather unpleasant period of time.

• Sleep
Take this opportunity to catch up on that much-needed sleep you’ve been longing for after all those “just five more minutes” early starts. One of the best ways to knock sickness on the head is to snooze away, so snuggle up, put your phone on silent and recharge your batteries.

• Reading
Why not use this time to grab the new book that you bought two months ago (not the trashy magazine) and settle down for an unperturbed read. This will take your mind off of the aches and pains you’re currently putting up with, whilst also reducing your stress levels. This calming activity is perfect for when you’re feeling a little blue – and will further distract you from the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in three days.

• The Great Outdoors
It may be the last thing you feel like doing, but being outside always does some good (I probably sound like your mother right now). Even just sitting in your garden for a few minutes is great for getting some fresh air into your lungs, and clears your head after being cooped up inside for hours. If you do go out, however, do wrap up extra warm – earmuffs are a must.

• Medicine
This pointer will sound extremely obvious, but make sure you remember to take your medicine. Set alarms to remind yourself. Stick post it’s all over your mirror. Try to keep up with a strict tablet timetable, because that’s what will put you on the road for recovery. No one wants to be stuck for weeks with a hacking cough and eyes more watery than the Titanic.


• Drinking
Make sure you up your fluids intake as much as possible (the non alcoholic kind). Keeping yourself hydrated is vital in making yourself well again, and is something that is easy to forget. Keep a large bottle of water beside your bed and keep sipping from it throughout the day to keep headaches at bay. Besides, if you are suffering with a fever, your body is sweating out all of that much needed hydration, so keep on drinking.

• Binge Watching
In between your sleep sessions and medicine taking, cheer yourself up with a bit of binge watching. Now could be the perfect time for that Harry Potter marathon you’ve been planning for ages – sure you’re going to be coughing throughout the majority of it and will probably nod off at moments, but it’s enjoyable all the same! Maybe grab your pet to be a cuddle partner (just try not to sneeze all over them).


• Shopping
If all of the above are still failing to take your mind off your sickness, then why not use this time to make a head start on your Christmas shopping? No, I don’t mean go into a busy shopping centre with the risk of fainting/being sick on a shop assistant. Online shopping has a variety of great options, so keep organised and go on the hunt for some gifts – maybe treat yourself to something along the way.

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