8 Tips on Buying Workwear for Your Business

February 27, 2019 7:38 pm

Whether you own a small or large business, you may need to provide employees with a uniform, personal protective equipment (PPE), and/or the correct footwear. As well as adhering to the relevant health and safety regulations, workwear can benefit your business in other ways. Here is a quick guide to buying the right workwear.

Choose a Reputable Supplier

When finding the right workwear for your business, there are several factors that you need to consider first. What works for one business may not work for yours, so you need to establish what your brand is, helping you find suitable attire for you and your colleagues. If your business requires workers to be outside, companies like engelbert strauss can provide a range of workwear jackets for your employees, keeping them warm and comfortable when working.

Engelbert strauss also sell footwear such as work shoes and work boots, as well as tools and equipment like paint brushes and rollers. As an independent family-run company, engelbert strauss has 10 national subsidiaries situated across Europe, delivering to a large international client base. Every item that the company sells is thoroughly checked and tested through a rigorous production process. What’s more, all the products engelbert strauss delivers are of high quality, affordable and come in a wide range of sizes to suit every type of worker.

Ensure You Abide by Regulations

The OSHA has set out a list of requirements for businesses to adhere to when it comes to PPE. As well as work jackets and suitable footwear, you may need to provide eye protection, safety helmets and safety harnesses. Ensure that you undertake a thorough assessment of your workplace so that all health and safety risks are kept to a minimum. Note that if PPE is essential for an employee to carry out a certain task, you must provide this free of charge.

Promoting Your Business

There are two things that the right uniform can achieve for your company; the first is conveying a positive image, and secondly, it can work well with the nature of your business. You should invest in workwear that is comfortable, professional and most importantly, practical. The uniforms your employees wear can make a huge difference in how customers and clients perceive your business, so ensure you take time to look at the colour, fabric and small details to help it fit your brand.

Do Your Research

Before purchasing workwear, you should do your research on the clothes that you are buying. That way, you can examine and test how durable the materials are, helping you decide whether they are suitable for the sorts of tasks they are required for. The way you present your brand to customers should be your top priority, so it’s essential that you have garments that reflect the quality of your company and stand the test of time.


The type of business you run should reflect in the workwear you purchase for employees. Whether you run a workshop or a warehouse, workwear needs to be functional and practical. Various details such as extra pockets are things you need to consider, especially if employees need to carry tools and equipment on them. If your employees are working in hazardous conditions, high-visibility jackets must always be worn. Taking every detail into account is essential here.

Gather Opinions

Asking your employees for feedback is a great way to make sure everyone is involved in the decision making. After all, what you may think works best may not be reflective of the whole company. Therefore, conduct a meeting with your workforce and allow them to share their thoughts and ideas with you, ensuring you pick workwear that is right for all the team.

Work Environment

If your employees work outside, you will need workwear that keeps them warm and comfortable. As temperatures can drop below freezing in the winter months, you should invest in workwear such as fleeces, jackets and gloves to protect your employees from the cold. For your team to work to the best of their ability, they need to be in garments that are suitable for all types of weather conditions.

Quality Over Quantity

It can be easy to order a batch of workwear without really looking into the fine print, especially if you can save some money. However, quality should always come first over quantity. There is no point buying clothing in bulk that doesn’t do the job just because you found it at a discount price. Instead, you should select items that are made with high-quality materials as these will be able to withstand more wear and tear and excessive washing. When you buy workwear that isn’t up to standard, it is more than likely going to need replacing before you had budgeted for.

When it comes to choosing the right workwear for your business, the tips and advice we have outlined can be invaluable. The cost of workwear can soon add up, so it’s best to do your research before making any purchases.

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