5 Things to Look for When Property Hunting

February 26, 2019 4:01 pm

If only it was as simple as seeing a property you like and buying it. Unfortunately, there can be many underlying problems with properties that you should keep your eye out for as you’re viewing. The last thing you want to do is buy a property that ends up falling apart once you’ve moved in. Here are five things you should always look out for while property searching.


In most cases damp is usually fairly obvious. You’ll notice black patches on the walls, whether inside or outside and you may be able to smell a moldy scent. You may also notice what looks like condensation on the windows or damp window sills. However, there are times when owners do a good job of hiding damp problems by performing an air duct cleaning Scottsdale so that the air conditioning functions properly. For instance, a quick paint job can temporarily take away the black marks that damp can produce and mask the smell of mold. Make sure to look in all the corners of the rooms for any sign.


Check Maintenance

How well the property has been maintained will give you an idea of how well safety and security has been maintained. For instance, if the garden is overgrown, you may not connect it to anything else. But, it could also mean that the boiler hasn’t been serviced for years, or the gutters are blocked. Walk around the house and see if fire alarms are still attached and if there are carbon monoxide alarms. You may need the help of a business, like Analogue Electrics for installations if you choose to purchase the property.

Structural Integrity

Sadly, there are all too often buildings that are erected that aren’t structurally sound, or older buildings that have become structurally unsound. You can spot buildings with structural problems by the cracks that may appear in the walls. These cracks can be hairline cracks that are sometimes difficult to spot unless you look closely. The PURlevel website offers mudjacking, concrete raising & leveling services for such cases. If you notice cracks in the walls, it’s always sensible to get a thorough survey done before putting a bid in for a property.


Storage Options

Storage is sometimes something that people forget about while searching for a property. A decent sized kitchen and garden, a certain number of bedrooms, the location- they’re all things that make top of the list. However, storage barely even makes the list. Having ample storage is important, especially for large families. Similarly, investigating storage rooms, like a basement or attic, could give you some insight into issues with the property.

Use Your Compass

Another point many people forget to ask about is the way the property faces. If you’re someone who enjoys a lot of light in the house, you’ll want the property to face south instead of north. East and west facing gardens will only get a partial amount of sun each day. This is especially important for anyone that’s a keen gardener. Don’t buy a house full of beautiful windows if you’re faced in the wrong direction and get frustratingly little sunshine.

Just like anything else, buying your perfect home takes time and practice.

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